Allow me to be the first to congratulate you on purchasing your very first bird feeder, and if this isn’t your very first time, then congratulations on accepting that there just might be a better way to go on the best place to put a bird feeder. 

Most people, immediately after getting their bird feeders, form the habit of just placing them right in the middle of their yard, and at the end of the day, they are left frustrated as they cannot attract any birds. 

Figuring out the best place to put a bird feeder can be quite challenging and confusing. However, deciding where to place them determines not only how successful it will be with garden birds but also what birds it will attract. 

And so, put together below are a few useful tips you might want to embrace when you want to position your feeders and what areas would perfectly attract what species. 

What To Consider First

The first thing to keep in the back of your mind is that if birds do not feel particularly safe in a location, they’ll find it very hard to feed in that location. To fix that, if you have always placed your feeder on the ground, you might want to consider raising it above ground level. 

So, you can look at places with a shelter like shrubberies or trees that also easily give them free access to spot threats. And while they have the perfect view, you also want to place your feeders in a spot that gives you a good view of the birds.

This way, you won’t miss out on the bird-feeding frenzies that are likely to occur. 

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Tips For Positioning Your Bird Feeders

In getting the best place to put a bird feeder, there are several other things to consider. Hopefully, the tips below on getting these considerations taken care of will be of immense help to you.


Earlier, I mentioned how it is important to ensure your bird feeder is kept in a sheltered position. Now, this position serves as a safe spot from harsh weather and pests, like squirrels. 

Hence, it is advisable that you place your feeders above ground level and away from larger trees and fences to prevent creatures like squirrels and cats from reaching them.

The best place to put a bird feeder, therefore, will be somewhere that would be sheltered from harsh winds, cast in the shade, and about 10 feet away from huge trees. 

Height – Best Place To Put A Bird Feeder

Another thing many people aren’t knowledgeable about is how high their bird feeders should be. First, take note that birds in their natural habitat feed at alternating heights. So, varying the heights of your feeders will definitely attract more variety of birds and will also help with separation. 

It is simple: keeping all your bird feeders at one position could cause an issue of having too many birds competing to feed at the one feeder, which wouldn’t be very pleasant. So, to avoid the problems like that, you can easily simulate the natural feeding height positions for the different birds you expect at your feeders. 

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For woodpeckers and orioles, you may consider placing your feeders about 6 – 10 feet high; for chickadees and titmice, 5 – 10 feet about ground level will do. If you are interested in bluebirds, you could consider placing one of your feeders around 5 – 7 feet high.

Placing the feeder 5 – 6 feet high for cardinals and finches will do them good. Hummingbirds will favor bird feeders placed 3 – 6 feet above ground level, and sparrows and towhees will be grateful to feed around 1 – 5 feet above ground level.

Vantage Point

Another thing that should be considered when determining the best place to put a bird feeder, is the vantage point for the birds. This gives them a clear view of possible oncoming threats and makes it easier for them to wait their turn once they notice that their feeder of choice is currently busy. 

To create that perfect viewpoint for the birds, especially considering that it is above ground level, make use of a Bird Feeding Station that can easily provide different types of bird foods. This will attract a good number of other visiting species.

Water Sources – Best Place To Put A Bird Feeder

Just when you think you’ve exhausted all the things people tend to overlook, another thing pops up. As a bird lover, you probably already know that birds are mostly attracted to the sight and sound of water, and even so, they get most of the nutrients they need from dew and rainwater.

Birds need water, not only for their drinking but also for a refreshing bath after flapping their wings in the hot sun all day. So, placing a water source a few feet away from the bird feeder will not only leave your regulars refreshed and coming back later, but will also attract other birds.

Tips For Positioning Your Bird Feeders - Best Place To Put A Bird Feeder

This water source could be a birdbath or water feature; whichever it is, make sure it is positioned in an area where the birds can easily spot it. It should also have a shade that serves as protection, stopping the water from evaporating and giving the birds a sense of security. 

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Conclusion On The Best Place To Put A Bird Feeder

It is obvious that not many people have the luxury of a garden. The good news is that it is possible to feed birds without one. Going for window feeders also serves as a good way to attract birds and give them a beautiful close-up view as they feed. 

You can also make use of a window feeder hook to attach whatever feeder you choose to make use of. If you choose to make use of your balcony, then favorably, you could go for a feeding tray, placing it on a table to attract the birds. 

Keep in mind that this is only appropriate considering the fact that your balcony is above ground level, so, using a tray on your balcony wouldn’t be an issue. 

Let us know what tips you will be adopting today in the comments. And when you try any, let us know your experience.


Where should I put my bird feeder?

For birds, there are a couple of things to consider when placing a bird feeder. You could choose to place your feeders close to a natural shelter that would provide a resting place for the birds.

Should bird feeders be in the sun or shade?

If you are looking to make feed available and visible to passing birds, then you can place it under the sun. This gives them an open view, they could keep an eye on predators.

How far should a bird feeder be from the house?

When placing bird feeders away from the house, it's alright to experiment. 10 feet away from the house sounds like a good distance. However, whatever your experimentation gets you to, ensure that you are providing the birds with an escape room, and clear sight for predators.

Where is the best place to hang bird feeders?

Height is one thing to consider when placing bird feeders. A variety of birds are attracted to different heights.

For cardinals and finches, a location 5 – 6 feet high will be fine while Hummingbirds will be favoured by 3 – 6 feet above ground level.

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