If you want to attract birds to your bird feeder, you’re going to have to use seeds, and peanuts for birds cheapest of all options, which have already proven to attract birds very well. In today’s article, we’ll be taking a look at how to set up your bird feeder, as well as some feeding options you can find online immediately.

Setting Up A Bird Feeder

There are a few things to keep in mind when you’re setting up your bird feeder. Firstly, whether you’re going to buy a bird feeder in a store or run a little DIY project is something you should decide on your own. There are plenty of high-quality bird feeders online.

Building your own bird feeder is also great if you feel like doing some handy work.

Setting Up A Bird Feeder

The first important decision is placement – you don’t want to set up the bid feeder too close to your deck. There are species that aren’t afraid of people. However, most birds will fly away as soon as they spot a person near the bird feeder.

You should think of your bird feeder as a centerpiece to your backyard – place it in a visible spot, but far enough from where people circulate. There are also bird feeders that you can hang on a tree branch or from a window. Also, if you have a dog or a cat, don’t use a low-sitting bird feeder – your pet will just attack the birds.

Then, think about the birds you’re going to attract. Not all birds live in every state, so you probably have a restricted number of species in your area that you can actually attract. Some of these birds won’t want to eat peanuts, and some of them will want sunflower seeds.

This is something you have to keep in mind when you’re setting up a bird feeder. Luckily, most birds aren’t that picky and all seeds are just seeds to them. While we’re on the topic of food – many birds will also eat fruit if you offer them.

Lastly, it’d be smart to add water to your bird feeder. There are plenty of bird feeders with a water compartment, and that’s going to be a plus in the eyes of the birds.

Caring For The Birds

There are only a few things to keep in mind when you’re caring for the birds that come to your bird feeder. You need to keep the feeder full with food and water.

You’re also going to have to think about other animals – squirrels also love nuts, and if squirrels and birds are the feeders at the same time, a fight can easily erupt. Also, remember what we said about dogs and cats? Your cat will find a way to reach for the birds if you don’t teach it to stop.

Water will freeze over the winter, so make sure to break it regularly and pour warm water into the compartment. Also remember to clean the feeder, as birds are well known for making literally everything dirty.

Peanuts For Birds

Lyrics Peanut Pieces – 15 lbs

Useful for attracting bluebirds, chickadees, woodpeckers, and flickers, this bag of peanuts is completely edible. There’s no waste wood, as the peanuts have already been cleaned. The peanuts are fresh with no filler pieces.

It’s important to note that these peanuts aren’t shelled, so you should only use them if you have a bird feeder that has protection from the elements. Unshelled peanuts that get wet will become stale very quickly and you’ll have to throw them away.

This big bag is perfect if you’re buying it for the long term.

C&S Store Peanut Nuggets – 1.68 lbs

These nuts come in the shape of nuggets that are 100% consumable. They’re roasted beforehand, which makes them good for the entire year, without going bad.

There are additional taste chemicals added to these nuggets, as well as high-oil ingredients in order to attract birds. The shape of these nuggets makes them a great choice for mesh feeders and the high content of fat (at least 20%) provides the birds with enough energy to make it through the winter.

Cole’s Raw Peanut – 5 lbs

These shelled peanuts have high-fat content and they have no added synthetics, chemicals, or artificial flavors. You can add them to any feeder, but make sure that they’re covered, because these peanuts are shelled – just like the first entry.

This 5-pound bag should last for a few months and it comes at a good price for the long term.

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Which peanuts are best for birds?

When buying peanuts, make sure to get shelled peanuts. Although birds can easily break through peanut shells, this takes time and energy, and it's best for birds to conserve both.

Can I put out whole peanuts for birds?

Yes, birds have no trouble swallowing entire peanuts. If you're worried about them being too large for a small bird - know that bird beaks are usually strong enough to break peanuts in half.

Shoul I break up peanuts for birds?

Certainly, if you want to, but there's no need since most birds can easily break peanuts up for themselves. They're used to fending for themselves in the wild, not to humans taking care of them.

Can I feed birds peanut butter?

Absolutely not. Peanut butter and honey can kill birds because they choke on it. Although there are definitely birds eating peanut butter, most birds would just stick their entire beak or bill in the bowl and choke themselves.

To End

When you’re setting up your bird feeder, make sure that it’s at an appropriate height and an appropriate location – not all birds enjoy the company of people and they’re likely to fly away as soon as they see you. Also, remember that birds need to be protected from other animals, as well as the elements.

Most peanuts you can buy online are clean, without the shell, so buying a bird feeder with installed protection would be smart, as you don’t want the peanuts to go bad.

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