4 Beneficial Tips On The Best Place To Put A Bird Feeder

4 Beneficial Tips On The Best Place To Put A Bird Feeder

Allow me to be the first to congratulate you on purchasing your very first bird feeder, and if this isn’t your very first time, then congratulations on accepting that there just might be a better way to go on the best place to put a bird feeder.  Most people, immediately after getting their bird feeders, … Read more

List Of The 3 Cheapest Peanuts For Birds

List Of The 3 Cheapest Peanuts For Birds

If you want to attract birds to your bird feeder, you’re going to have to use seeds, and peanuts for birds cheapest of all options, which have already proven to attract birds very well. In today’s article, we’ll be taking a look at how to set up your bird feeder, as well as some feeding … Read more

How To Attract Owls: 5 Easy Ways

How To Attract Owls - 5 Easy Ways

Wondering how to attract owls naturally to your garden? We have a few tips that are guaranteed to work. But first of all, you need to understand the natural habitat or owls. Owls are nocturnal birds and skilled hunters. They live in dense forests, mountains, deserts, and even plains with enough woodland. So how to … Read more

Solar Bird Bath Bubbler: 3 Great Reasons Why You Need One

Solar Bird Bath Bubbler - 3 Great Reasons Why You Need One

Upgrading your garden with a solar bird bath bubbler is guaranteed to draw in more visitors. These baths are a simple and smart solution if you love having a birdbath in your garden. The massive fountains require a more complicated installation. Also, hiding all the electricity cables and pipes might be a challenge. But, with … Read more

What Do Finches Feed Their Babies? Inside The Wild Bird’s Diet

What Do Finches Feed Their Babies - Inside The Wild Bird's Diet

Ever wondered what do finches feed their babies once they hatch? Similar to human babies, finches require their parents’ attention once they hatch. They also need frequent feedings in 20-minute intervals. There are 17 types of finches; some are kept as pets, while others are roaming independently in nature. The diet of each type differs. … Read more

What Kind Of Jelly Do Orioles Like?

What Kind Of Jelly Do Orioles Like

What kind of jelly do orioles like? This discerning bird’s taste in food will get put to the test! Attracting different kinds of birds to your backyard requires knowledge about the foods they are attracted to. You will also need to know about their migration patterns, favorite plants, favorite colors, and even some of their … Read more

Where to Hang a Barred Owl House Guide

Where to Hang a Barred Owl House

Where to hang a barred owl house out in the wild? It’s ideal to plan where you place your birdwatching tools. Owl houses are a great project because they’re a lot of fun to make or assemble. Plus, they provide a nice and safe home for its intended birds. If you’re considering taking on the … Read more

How to Feed a Wild Hawk

How to Feed a Wild Hawk

How to feed a wild hawk, and what is the best way to do it? If you’re up for the challenge, here’s how you can do just that. Hawks are known to be birds of prey and can instill fear in the common person. However, they play a very important part in ecosystems. You might … Read more

Blue Jay Proof Bird Feeder Guide

Blue Jay Proof Bird Feeder

Here is a blue jay-proof bird feeder guide for those who are hoping to attract certain kinds of songbirds to their birdwatching set-up! Blue jays are majestic creatures that can be considered bullies among suburban wild birds. Dominant, territorial, and noisy, the blue jay can take over your feeder to the dismay of other hungry … Read more

Blue Jays Favorite Food for Birdwatching

Blue Jays Favorite Food

Do we know what the blue jays’ favorite food is? Thankfully the birdwatching community has recorded this majestic bird’s most favored snacks. Birdwatching is a lot of fun, and seeing birds in their natural habitat is always fun. However, sometimes you have to produce some situations in order to make it possible for them to … Read more