Do we know what the blue jays’ favorite food is? Thankfully the birdwatching community has recorded this majestic bird’s most favored snacks.

Birdwatching is a lot of fun, and seeing birds in their natural habitat is always fun. However, sometimes you have to produce some situations in order to make it possible for them to show up. Attracting them with good food in bird feeders is a surefire step to learn more about them.

Need some help putting together a good birdwatching menu? Here is some of the information you need to jumpstart this relaxing and fulfilling hobby.

Know More About Blue Jays: The Fast Facts

You know that you want to attract more blue jays in your yard, but do you know enough about them? Other than their beautiful feathered patterns and loud calls, you should learn more about the guests that you want to invite.

 bird seed for blue jays

There are four subspecies of the blue jay, based on where they are located: the Northern blue jay, the Interior blue jay, the Coastal blue jay, and the Florida blue jay. They can have different colors but breeding between subspecies also occurs. Most of them do not migrate and stay in their habitat all year round.

Once they have become regulars at your feeder, you need to watch out – they may become territorial of your space! Because of their size and potentially aggressive nature, they are liable to bully other birds who also wish to drop by for a snack. If you want to create a birdie paradise in your home, you might want to consider a separate blue jay feeder!

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Blue Jays Favorite Food: The Best Menu

What do blue jays eat? Of course, the number one way to have returning customers is to provide great food alongside a great experience. Many of what composes the blue jays diet are common and easy to get ahold of. Enjoy sourcing together this incredible variety of foods, and observer the bird’s fascinating way of eating their favorite earthy snacks.

You can of course look for specialized bird feed, but mixing and matching natural options can be a lot more fun.


Blue jays are nuts for peanuts, whether cracked or still shelled. However, many animals such as squirrels and raccoons have a penchant for these tasty morsels. Make sure you install some extra protection on your feeder, so the blue jays won’t be disturbed, or worse, run out of their favorite nutty snack.

Do blue jays eat acorns? Yes, they do – in fact, they’re fond of places with oak trees for this reason.

 blue jay food chain

Seeds And Grains

In particular, blue jays are especially partial to black-oil sunflower seeds, but they do eat the striped version too. Their sharp beaks are especially efficient at cracking these seeds open.

Blue jays eat a variety of grains, so a nice mix with some variety is a welcome treat for these visitors. Birdseed for blue jays is easy to find in stores.


Corn is also another favorite, whether shelled or cracked. Don’t be tempted to use the leftover kernels from your popcorn in the microwave, as they may have traces of materials not safe for birds.


Mealworms and other insects are part of the blue jay food chain. These worms are usually looked at as pests, but they are a wonderful source of protein and vitamins for birds. You can buy them and easily store them in a cool part of your home without the harm of infestation spreading if their container is closed tight. 

 blue jays diet


Suet is animal fat sourced from kidneys and loins. These are typically served in the wintertime when they don’t go bad when left outdoors. They also provide a lot of energy for birds, perfect when the temperature has gone down.

More Ways To Attract Blue Jays

Aside from supplying their favorite foods, there are other extra measures you could take to make sure that your house is on the roaming list for your beloved blue jay friends.

Use Hopper Or Tray Feeders

As you may have seen when going shopping for bird feeders, there’s a lot of different styles available. Blue jays prefer hopper or tray feeders. Hopper feeders are the ones that look like houses and can keep a lot of food inside, and there is a platform that allows birds to perch while they take food. Tray feeders are exactly what it sounds like – a flat, open surface that birds are free to take from, and usually, they gather around. Which one you choose depends on your style and available installation locations.

 blue jays favorite food

Note that blue jays are considered “medium-sized” birds, meaning they are comparably bigger and heavier than a lot of other birds. You will need a sturdy, appropriately sized feeder for them to comfortably take food from. You also don’t want any accidental destruction because your feeder was too small!

Add More Foliage To Your Yard

Blue jays may become more comfortable coming to your backyard if it’s composed of more than a feeder. It’s a good idea to locate your feeder near shrubbery or trees, where blue jays would be happier to perch and eat. They may even start building their nest if you have oak trees.

Install A Birdbath

Aside from taking a drink from these birdbaths, blue jays also like to splash around in them. Since there are blue jays who do not migrate and stay around during the winter season, you might want to install a heating mechanism with this birdbath. They will definitely appreciate this gesture come to the cold weather.

 do blue jays eat acorns

Stay Back And Watch

Blue jays can be jittery around humans. While they are out in the backyard and enjoying their food, you should not come out and attempt a close observation, because they will fly away. While this makes it easy for them to clear out when you need them to leave, it defeats the purpose of birdwatching, right?

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There is a wide variety of blue jays’ favorite food, so it will not be an extreme challenge to get them to come to your bird feeder, provided everything is in its right place. It’s really all part of a fun process of learning and changing.

Have you put together a birdwatching setup for blue jays? What is your setup like, and how long did it take you to put it together? Let us know in the comments below!

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