List Of The 3 Cheapest Peanuts For Birds

List Of The 3 Cheapest Peanuts For Birds

If you want to attract birds to your bird feeder, you’re going to have to use seeds, and peanuts for birds cheapest of all options, which have already proven to attract birds very well. In today’s article, we’ll be taking a look at how to set up your bird feeder, as well as some feeding … Read more

North Carolina State Bird

North Carolina State Bird

Every state in the country has its own bird, and some people ask about the North Carolina state bird. The cardinal is an absolutely stunning animal, striking with its red colors. In today’s article, we’ll be taking a look at this beautiful bird and learn exactly where can you spot it and why is the … Read more

What Does Seeing A Cardinal Mean: 5 Deep Positive Meanings

What Does Seeing A Cardinal Mean - 5 Deep Positive Meanings

Many tend to believe that the sight of some birds holds a deeper meaning, so what does seeing a cardinal mean? Cardinals are hard to miss; their bright red beaks and feathers never fail to catch your eye. A cheerful chirping, produced by male and female cardinals, complements their mesmerizing appearance. Having them visit your … Read more

What Do Finches Feed Their Babies? Inside The Wild Bird’s Diet

What Do Finches Feed Their Babies - Inside The Wild Bird's Diet

Ever wondered what do finches feed their babies once they hatch? Similar to human babies, finches require their parents’ attention once they hatch. They also need frequent feedings in 20-minute intervals. There are 17 types of finches; some are kept as pets, while others are roaming independently in nature. The diet of each type differs. … Read more

What Does 10×25 Mean On Binoculars? A Helpful Guide

What Does 10x25 Mean On Binoculars

What does 10×25 mean on binoculars? We are here to help you out on your birdwatching journey! Getting the best gear does not necessarily mean getting top-of-the-line equipment that money can get you. It means the ideal items that can accomplish your goals. Thankfully, there’s an assortment of beginner, hobbyist, and professional-level gear that will … Read more

How To Feed Dried Mealworms To Bluebirds

How To Feed Dried Mealworms To Bluebirds

Are you trying to figure out how to feed dried mealworms to bluebirds? Upgrading your birdwatching set-up at home will be easy with our guide. Perhaps you are setting up your first birdwatching plan, and you are focused on the majestic bluebirds. We don’t blame you for wanting to populate your place with these pretty … Read more

5 Best Binoculars That Take Photos

binoculars that take photos

Ever wonder whether there are binoculars that take photos? We have had many questions about getting binoculars with the camera or in short “binocular camera”. So we have decided to take a look at the current model options available in the market. But first, what is a binocular camera? Digital camera binoculars are exactly what … Read more

Is Hydrogen Peroxide Safe For Birds?

is hydrogen peroxide safe for birds

Is hydrogen peroxide safe for birds? Cleaning bird cages and birdbaths can be an easy chore if you choose the right tools! Making sure that bird cages and birdbaths are clean is an essential part of taking care of birds. This is true whether they are your pet or simply if you like doing some … Read more

Blue Jay Proof Bird Feeder Guide

Blue Jay Proof Bird Feeder

Here is a blue jay-proof bird feeder guide for those who are hoping to attract certain kinds of songbirds to their birdwatching set-up! Blue jays are majestic creatures that can be considered bullies among suburban wild birds. Dominant, territorial, and noisy, the blue jay can take over your feeder to the dismay of other hungry … Read more

Why Aren’t Birds Coming To My Feeder – Set Up A Feeder The Right Way

Why Aren't Birds Coming To My Feeder

If you’ve been asking yourself, ‘why aren’t birds coming to my feeder,’ this article can help you with proper feeder setup. If you’ve clicked on this article, we’ll take a wager that you are a bird-lover or at least considerably enjoy birdwatching. Seeing your yard swarming with birds of all kinds and sizes is a … Read more