What kind of jelly do orioles like? This discerning bird’s taste in food will get put to the test!

Attracting different kinds of birds to your backyard requires knowledge about the foods they are attracted to. You will also need to know about their migration patterns, favorite plants, favorite colors, and even some of their quirks!

Are you interested in attracting orioles to your yard? Jelly can be your secret weapon for this goal. Read more to find out about how to attract orioles to your home!

What Is An Oriole?

New World orioles are orioles that are located in the North, South, and Central America. These birds are of the genus Icterus, in the blackbird family.

They look very similar to the family Oriolidae of Old World orioles found in Asia, Europe, and Africa, thus they have been similarly named.

One of its most striking features is the range of bright oranges and yellows that their feathers came in. They are usually marked with stark black feathers and details.

Some of the common orioles in North America are the following:

  • Baltimore oriole, which is the state bird of Maryland
  • Bullock’s oriole, which was named after naturalist father and son William and William Bullock
  • Hooded oriole, known for building their nests in palm trees
  • Scott’s oriole, which was named after General Winfield Scott
  • Spot-breasted oriole, which is named after its black-spotted chest all over its orange feathered-body

 How do you attract orioles with jelly

What Kind Of Jelly Do Orioles Like?

Orioles have an interesting quirk of not being a fan of birdseed. While all the other birds flock to your seed feeders, orioles want none of that!

Orioles enjoy really sweet snacks and the energy boost that sugar provides. That’s why jelly is a great, natural option. Orioles especially need this after the end of their long migration journey.

The orioles have slender beaks that can scoop the jelly into their mouths. One of their favorite flavors has been grapes, and grape jelly is widely used by birdwatchers who love orioles.

While you might be tempted to run over to the grocery store to get the cheapest jelly off the shelves, this is not a good idea. Store-brought jelly at the groceries tends to be full of sugar, preservatives, and a lot of unnatural ingredients. 

What Kind Of Feeders Should You Use?

How do you attract orioles with jelly? Because of the unique food they like, attracting orioles requires some unique feeders and solutions.

If you’re looking into being a regular oriole watcher and wonder how to set up your yard, you’re in luck – there are a ton of oriole-specific bird feeders in the market today.

 what kind of jelly do orioles like

They take into account the perching need for orioles when they eat. These feeders are also painted bright, attractive orange to bring more birds it, and it’s been effective for more feeders thus far.

Tube feeders that help store soft jelly are also a good investment. Not only is it an easy way to feed orioles and other birds, but it also keeps the area neat and prevents spills, protecting the special feeder from invading species.

What Other Foods Do Orioles Like?


Nectar is the energy-filled liquid that you can find in flowering plants. If you taste it yourself, it is sweet for the human tongue as well. Hummingbirds are the first birds we think of as nectar lovers, but did you know orioles also love this energy boost too?

If you are attempting to use a nectar feeder meant for hummingbirds, remember that orioles cannot float mid-air as hummingbirds can. Provide convenient perches so they can reach in and take a drink.


Is it a surprise for orioles to enjoy sweet fruits, like the orange? Perhaps they recognize the colors and consider it destiny for oranges and orioles to co-exist!

 When should I put jelly out for orioles

Some birdwatchers string up oranges slices and provide a perch so that orioles can carefully snack on these pieces.

Some orioles won’t even eat the orange but instead just want to check out the bright orange thing. It is a very eye-catching color, after all, and a great way to attract orioles to your yard!

Sugar Water

This is the simple way to give orioles a sweet treat without breaking the bank. Mixing sugar and water makes a thin solution that orioles can drink quickly and easily. They’ll get the energy benefits of the sugar with no hitches!


Orioles aren’t all about sugar and fruit – they need their protein as well. As with all birds, mealworms are a hit with orioles. This is especially when it’s time to nest, and the additional protein is vital to the whole process.

Live or dried mealworms are great options to help their hunger for insects. Live mealworms are not always the most convenient insects to store. On the other hand, dried mealworms aren’t always appetizing to birds, so you need to put some effort into training birds to eat them dried.

 when to stop feeding orioles grape jelly


Orioles and their beautiful orange plumage are something that you will love to see on one of your birdwatching afternoons. Their unmistakable look is the reason why bird lovers pull out all stops to attract them, even though it takes a bit of extra effort!

Do you set aside jelly in your yard for birds? What other tools do you fro the hobby? Let us know in the comments below!


When should I put jelly out for orioles?

The best time to put out a jelly feeder for orioles is during the migration season, which is in mid-April through mid-May.

How do you attract orioles with jelly?

You should buy and install special jelly bird feeders that not only provide an excellent way for birds to snack on the jelly. But it also prevents unwanted insects from partaking in the feast you put out for the orioles.

Where do you hang oriole jelly feeders?

Many people install another pole to hang their oriole jelly feeders. They don’t just provide an excellent high place for the birds to perch, but they can also be protected from squirrels and other birdfeed thieves.

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