Upgrading your garden with a solar bird bath bubbler is guaranteed to draw in more visitors. These baths are a simple and smart solution if you love having a birdbath in your garden.

The massive fountains require a more complicated installation. Also, hiding all the electricity cables and pipes might be a challenge. But, with the solar-powered birdbaths, you’re saving time and money. Plus, they’re ideal for small spaces.

But what draws in the birds to a solar bird bath bubbler? We’ll answer this and more questions in the article below.

What Is A Solar Powered Bubbler

Birds love water, but setting up a plain dish with standing water won’t draw them to your garden. Instead, birds love moving water, like fountains, small sprinklers, and pumps. Here’s when the bird bubblers come into the picture.

Classic bird bubblers are nice decor, but most come with electric pumps and long cords. Dragging a cord through your yard is not a nice look. Moreover, your bubbler won’t work in case of a power cut.

This provoked the invention of a solar bird bath bubbler. Charging only using the sun, these bubblers are often cheaper, more compact, and come with no operating costs.

In addition, you don’t have to think about turning it on or off, as it runs until the sun’s out.

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How Does A Floating Solar Birdbath Bubbler Work

If you don’t feel like buying a massive birdbath, a floating solar bird bath bubbler is an innovative solution. You can even hang these birdbaths on your patio and enjoy the bathing birds from up close!

These typically consist of one unit with an integrated pump, solar panels, and a nozzle. As soon as there is sufficient sunlight, the pump is activated and drives water through the nozzle. You can often choose different patterns and pressure of pumping. The solar panels are waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about them soaking in the water the whole day.

On the sustainable site, not only do these bird bath bubblers don’t waste electricity, but they also don’t require a lot of water.

Cleaning the solar bird bath bubbler is easy; just wipe the solar panels.

Why You Need A Solar Bubbler Fountain

If you’re still having doubts about purchasing a birdbath ( or DIY one!), we have a few reasons that will convince you. As a bird lover, you won’t resist the facts!

1. Draw In More Birds

Moving water is proven to draw in more birds than still water. So while you’re preoccupied with providing feeders, bird food, and nesting material, all the birds might need is some water.

Why Birds Avoid You Birdbath Fountain

You don’t have to invest a ton of money into a marble birdbath. It’s more important to place it in a natural setting, near trees and flowers.

2. Keep The Birds Healthy

Birds drink and bathe in the solar bird bath bubbler. While we know why hydration is important, you might not know how water helps the bird’s health.

A soak in the water is followed by preening, a tidying-up process when the bird removes debris, parasites, and dust from its feathers. They can’t do this in the large water features as they’re often too deep.

3. Repel Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes are not a visitor you fancy having in your garden. They often carry viruses and parasites. While some birds eat mosquitoes, humans are the feast to this annoying insect.

Moving water like the solar bird bath bubbler prevents the mosquitoes from laying their eggs in it. 

Upkeeping A Solar Bird Bath Bubbler

The care and upkeep of a solar bird bath bubbler don’t stop with purchase and installation. All things last when we care for them and the bird bubbler is not different.

Clean the bath once a week to prevent the development of algae or mosquito larvae. Use a sponge and water, and include a cleaning solution every few months. Make sure to wash any detergent off thoroughly, as residuals can repel birds.

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Don’t forget the pump! The inside filter should be easy to remove, and you can clean it by spraying it with the garden hose. The debris inside is primarily organic matter that’s fallen from the bird’s wings or nearby plants.

Keep the water at a reasonable level. Too deep might be unattractive to the birds, but too shallow might break your pump.

Why Birds Avoid You Birdbath Fountain

There’s nothing more disappointing than birds avoiding your solar bird bath bubbler. But it might be your fault. Take a look at the following suggestions and switch up some things.

Keep It Away From House Pets

You might want to enjoy the water show, so you positioned the solar bird bath bubbler near your window. But if you have an indoor cat, the natural predator to birds, they might never come.

Keep the birdbath in the middle of the garden, at least 10 feet away from shrubs, so a cat won’t sneak upon them. Remember that the bird’s feathers become heavier when soaked, so it won’t be able to escape an attack fast.

Provide Perching Spots

Pick a birdbath with raised edges so the birds have somewhere to stand before and after their bath. It doesn’t have to be concrete. There are great stone and even plastic options.

Keep It Filled Up During Migration

It’s harder for birds to find safe water than food. So it’s essential to keep the bath clean and filled during these periods. Migration is the perfect time to gain frequent future visitors.

Why You Need A Solar Bubbler Fountain

However, don’t overfill the bath. Make sure that the center is no more than 2 inches deep. The water needs to be clean and fresh at all times.

Bottom Line: Invest In A Solar Bird Bath Bubbler

There’s nothing better than waking up to birds chirping in your garden. You can increase your chances of a perfect morning with a budget-friendly solar bird bath bubbler.

Moving water like drippers, sprinklers, and other water features attract 10 times more birds than standing water. The birds will come as long as you keep it clean, filled, and away from predators.


Are you thinking of adding a birdbath this season? Let us know your experience!

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