How To Scare Hawks Away From Your Chickens? (5 Proven & Effective Methods)

How To Scare Hawks Away From Your Chickens

Learn how to scare hawks away from your chickens by using these simple tips and tricks. Today, chicken coop owners face a number of challenges, most notably different species of predators, of which the aerial ones are often the most challenging. The hawks are birds of predators, known for their strong hunting instinct. They are … Read more

Top 11 Most Common Bird Omens And Superstitions

Bird Omens And Superstitions

Learn all about the most interesting bird omens and superstitions. For thousands of thousands of years, people have been interpreting the world around them. Every creature, thing, and the phenomenon was used as an omen and/or a sign. Among the multitude of these symbols, birds were considered to be one of the most important omens. … Read more

Top 5 Beautiful Birds Native To Alabama

birds native to alabama

Find out everything you might be interested in about birds native to Alabama. Alabama is the United States ’peanut capital, and home to the delicious shrimp and grits dish, however, did you know that there are at least 420 bird species you can see and study in Alabama? Thanks to 449 officially documented species, this … Read more