What to put under a bird feeder? Learn one of the most effective and cheapest methods to prevent clutter under your feeder.

We believe that cleaning up the mess under your bird feeder is not on anyone’s priority list. Do you agree with us? Many of us have struggled with figuring out what to put under a bird feeder and how to keep it clean.

We have tried a number of cool and simple landscaping design ideas, and today we will show you some of our favorites. Therefore, stay with us and learn how to make your life easier in less than an hour or two.

Why Is It Important To Keep The Surface Under The Feeder Clean?

Before we reveal to you the secret of what to put under a bird feeder, let us explain to you why it is important at all, or in other words, whether it makes any difference.

One of the most common reasons why people choose to clean the surface under their feeder is that it is unsightly. Just try to imagine the tons of wet, moldy seed sprouts all over the place, awful right?

Wondering what to put under a bird feeder is not unreasonable, because choosing the right item can prevent your birds from getting sick. Birds that consume moldy food are more prone to various diseases compared to those that eat fresh, healthy food.

In addition, by landscaping under the feeder, you can avoid attracting unwanted wildlife such as raccoons, rodents, and even bears. In addition to eating bird food, these animals also bring with them various germs and diseases.

 How do I stop messing under my bird feeder?

After all, have you thought about the fact that any seed that falls to the ground can grow into an unwanted bird weed plant? Truth be told, sunflowers are beautiful flowers, but do you really want 150 of them to grow under your feeder?

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Now that we have revealed to you the importance of a clean and tidy surface, it is time to move on to the main part of this article and show you some of the simplest and cheapest options for what to put under a bird feeder. So let’s get to the point.

What To Put Under A Bird Feeder?

Our favorite project is very simple and requires only 2 basic materials: tree ring (landscape fabric) and landscape rocks.

Tree rings are round landscaping materials used to surround trees, and can most often be made of plastic or rubber. Be sure to choose a ring that will have drainage, but that will pass only water, not seeds. Furthermore, make sure you buy one with a diameter outside the size of your feeder area if at all possible. In case there is nothing similar near you, you can always opt for a DIY option and use landscape fabric and edging.

Landscape rocks are the key to this project. Why? Due to their specific appearance, they allow easy cleaning under the bird feeder. You need to pay attention to their size. It is not recommended to choose too small rocks because you risk vacuuming them with the shop vac.

 How do you keep bird seed from falling on the ground?

Pebbles, gravels, and lava rocks are too small to be used for this purpose, and in addition, too many bird seed remains can remain trapped beneath them. That is why landscape rocks between 1 ″ and 3 ″ are ideal. They are small enough to expose the bird seed debris, and yet large enough not to be sucked.

Now that you know the simplest and budget-friendly option on what to put under a bird feeder, it’s time to show you how to do it.

A Short Step By Step Guide

  1. Clean your bird feeder as well as the entire space below it. This way you will actually make room for your tree ring or landscape fabric and landscape rocks.
  2. The second step is very simple and all you need to do is lay the tree ring down around the bird feeder area. For all those who will use the fabric, simply cut out the desired shape and that’s it. Make sure you make a large enough round space, because in principle you want to catch all the seeds that fall from above, and besides the wind may carry it a bit.
  3. The last step is definitely the easiest. All you have to do is open the bag and fill the tree ring or fabric with landscaping rocks.

That would be it, this was our favorite idea and also the answer to the question “what to put under a bird feeder”.

To Conclude: What To Put Under A Bird Feeder?

 What can I put under my bird feeder to stop weeds?

Leaving bird seeds lying all over the yard is not a very smart idea. Every experienced and caring backyard birder knows that it is necessary to clean and dispose of fallen birdseed so that it doesn’t become moldy and as such pose a health risk to the birds.

Here are more ideas you can use:

  • You can lay down some landscape blocks, bricks, or pavers under your feeder.
  • Make a mini concrete patio.

That’s it, now you know what to put under a bird feeder!

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What Do You Put On The Ground Under A Bird Feeder?

If you want to put something on the ground under the bird feeder, you can use one of these 3 recommended options:

- You can lay down some landscape blocks, bricks, or pavers under your feeder.

- Install a tree ring that you will fill with different landscape rocks of suitable size.

- Make a mini concrete patio.

What Can I Put Under My Bird Feeder To Stop Weeds?

You can place a tray attachment under your feeder to prevent the seeds from falling out and germinating.

How Do I Stop Messing Under My Bird Feeder?

One of the cheapest and most effective methods to stop messing under your bird feeder is to buy a no-mess blend of birdseed.

How Do You Keep Bird Seed From Falling On The Ground?

If you want to stop your seed from falling to the ground and causing various problems, the simplest solution is to install a seed catcher below the feeder.

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