Find out the answer to the question of the day “how long does it take for birds to find a bird feeder?”

Feeding the birds can be as simple as placing a feeder full of delicious seeds in your garden and eagerly waiting for them to find it. Bird feeders come in a wide range of sizes, styles, and designs, and are a great way to get in some bird watching and add some decor to your yard.

However, the new feeder you choose isn’t always one that will be most attractive to birds in your yard, so you might then be wondering, “how long does it take for birds to find a bird feeder?” Keep reading and find out the answer to this, but also many other interesting questions.

Getting New Bird Feeders

As any backyard birder knows, a single feeder is rarely enough when you fall in love with this hobby. So, whether you are choosing a larger feeder to accommodate more birds, or just adding more feeders for a growing flock, it’s very important for it to be appealing to your flying friends.

Here are some features or characteristics that your feeder must have:

  • The most important thing is its visibility, as this will help the birds to notice the new feeder and see the available seed.
  • The feeder must have appropriate feeding ports for seed type as well as multiple perches or platforms to accommodate many birds at once.
  • Pest-resistant features.
  • Suitability to the climate to keep food dry and free of snow and ice.
  • The quality material of construction, durability, and easy maintenance.

As we have already mentioned, feeders can be real works of art, as they come in a wide range of decorative styles, from natural designs to miniature buildings to abstract artistic shapes. Everyone can find something that will suit their aesthetics.

Finally, we must state that regardless of the above factors, it can take time for birds to become accustomed to it and feed willingly. Therefore, keep reading and find out the answer to a frequently asked question “how long does it take for birds to find a bird feeder?”

 How do I get birds to come to my bird feeder?

How Long Does It Take For Birds To Find A Bird Feeder?

In short, there is no set time before the birds will find your feeder. What we need to emphasize is that a single bird feeder doesn’t usually do it for them. Why? It’s very simple, there are many different types of birds, and they all don’t like the same thing. – Just like humans, right?

Experts recommend choosing a few feeders, larger ones to bring in a lot of different birds, and a few smaller ones to attract only a few birds. Even after setting up the feeder, a lot of patience is needed, as it could take some time before the birds notice it. When they do, it’s up to us only to hope that they will pass the news on to their friends.

Now we will try to offer you a more concrete answer to the question “how long does it take for birds to find a bird feeder?” So let’s get to the point.

According to data collected from participants in the FeederWatch Project, it usually takes about 10 days, ranging from 5 to 18 days, for birds to find a bird feeder for the first time. As you can guess, the duration can vary due to several factors such as the feeder location, the bird species itself, the safety of the environment, as well as the time of day.

Here are some specific answers to the question “how long does it take for birds to find a bird feeder?”

 What is the best location for a bird feeder?

Country State/Province            Average Bird Feeder Finding Duration (days)
US California 14
US Arizona 6
US Connecticut 13
US Indiana 11
US Michigan 10
US Mississippi 16
US New Jersey 12
US New York 12
US Texas 14
US Washington 12
US Oklahoma 16
US Georgia 13


As for the species of birds known for finding feeders very quickly, the first are Black-capped Chickadees, followed by the Northern Cardinals, Mourning Doves, House Sparrows, Blue Jays, White-breasted Nuthatches, House Finches, American Goldfinches, Downy Woodpeckers, and Dark-eyed Juncos. These species of birds are believed to find a feeder in 8 to 10 days.


How long does it take for birds to find a bird feeder? – There is no set time before the birds will find your feeder. However, according to various studies, birds usually need about 10 days, ranging from 5 to 18 days, to find a bird feeder for the first time.

We hope you found this article useful. If you have any questions, let us know in the section below.

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 Which bird feeder attracts most birds?


How Do I Get Birds To Come To My Bird Feeder?

Here are the simplest (but proven) ways to attract birds to come to your feeder:

- Birds do not like monotonous food, they prefer variety and will really appreciate it if your feeders are full of seeds, suet, sugar water, and fruit, such as oranges and grape jelly.

- Offer them shelter to make them feel safe while eating.

- Add a nearby birdbath to help birds notice and visit a new feeder.

- Spread some seeds on top of the feeder as well as on the ground around the feeder. This way you will surely attract their attention.


Why Are The Birds Not Coming To My Feeder?

Birds will very rarely, almost never refuse visits to feeders for no reason. The most common reasons are the placement of feeders, the landscaping, and the safety of your yard.

What Is The Best Location For A Bird Feeder?

As for the location, experts advise positioning the bird feeder close to natural shelters such as trees or shrubs. Evergreens are ideal because they provide year-round hiding places from predators.

Which Bird Feeder Attracts Most Birds?

These are the bird feeders that have proven to be the best choices:

- Suet feeder

- Hopper feeder

- Tube bird feeder

- Peanut feeder

- Nyjer Finch feeder

- Oriole fruit feeder

- Tray or platform feeder

- Sugar water feeder

- Window feeder

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