There are many types of hawks in Virginia. Hawks are widely dispersed throughout the United States and the rest of North America. There are medium to large-sized hawks that belong to two different categories – accipiters and buteos. Generally, buteos are bigger than the former.

You can find both categories of hawks in Virginia, and today on the blog we are going to cover them all. Generally, there are 7 types of hawks in Virginia. These include the following:

  • Sharp-shinned hawks
  • Cooper’s hawks
  • Northern goshawks
  • Red-shouldered hawks
  • Red-tailed hawks, Rough-legged hawks
  • Broad-winged hawks.

Read on for a quick overview of each species and when the best time is to catch a glimpse of each kind.

The 7 Different Types Of Hawks In Virginia

Cooper’s Hawk

 hawk identification in virginia

Cooper’s hawks are the same in appearance as sharp-shinned birds of prey, making it hard to separate between the two. The two birds even offer a similar fold skim flying style. Nonetheless, Cooper’s falcons are bigger with somewhat more extensive wings.

They’re about the size of a crow and have an accipiter shape with expansive, adjusted wings and a long tail. Cooper’s falcons are extraordinary flyers, ready to rapidly explore thick backwoods to pursue more modest birds.

Northern Goshawk

Northern goshawks are more cryptic than numerous different birds of prey. Their size and character make them very hard to come by. To make things more troublesome, they’re just at any point barely found in Virginia — during winter later relocation.

They’re firmly connected with sharp-shinned and cooper’s hawks — aside from bigger and more forceful. Their tinge is generally dim with white stripes over their red-orange eyes.

Red-Shouldered Hawk

Like their name infers, Red-shouldered hawks highlight light, rosy tails. Their brilliant plumage makes these birds of prey genuinely simple to recognize. Another characterizing trademark is their clear sickles close their wingtips that are apparent during flight. This is one of the most common types of hawks in Virginia.

Red-Tailed Hawk

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You’ve likely seen a few Red-tailed Hawks previously, as they’re one of the most well-known falcons in North America. Get them all year in Virginias, regularly roosted on tall vantage focuses or flying overhead. Odds are you can even detect them on side of the road utility poles during your day-by-day drive.

They highlight white, velvety undersides with light, rosy earthy colored markings just as their namesake tail brimming with red plumes. When in flight you can notice their wide, adjusted wings and short tail, a mark buteo peddle outline.

Roughed-Legged Hawk

You’ll simply have the option to get the non-reproducing populace of Rough-legged falcons in Virginia throughout the colder time of year. Throughout the late spring, these falcons live in the icy tundra, hunting and raising their young before moving south to get away from the virus.

Broad-Winged Hawk

Wide winged falcons must be found during rearing season in Virginia from around April to August. Be that as it may, assuming you’re fortunate you’ll get their fall relocation when enormous groups of many thousands travel to South America.

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Sharp-Shinned Hawk

Sharp-shinned birds of prey are found during winter all through most of Virginia. Notwithstanding, there is a little, southwestern piece of the state where they dwell all year.

When To See The Different Types of Hawks In Virginia

While there are many different types of hawks in Virginia, you cannot expect to see all of them at once in the country. The best time to see them is during the fall. Hawks migrate in a flock and go southwards in large numbers. During this time, you can get a telescope and get a better chance of seeing them.

In any case, proper hawk identification in Virginia is essential for personal knowledge. Take note that different hawks have varied diets. If you ever find a hawk in your backyard, at least you can identify it and give it the proper food it needs to survive.

What To Do If You Find An Injured Hawk?

  • Protect Yourself. Wear gloves. If you want to save wildlife, it is important to protect yourself first. Birds of prey might also contain some viruses after flying from thousands of miles.
  • Set up a Holder. A shoebox with air openings in the cover, fixed with a little fabric or paper towel works for more modest birds, while an enormous case or huge box with air openings, fixed with paper or a sheet/towel, will work for most huge birds.
  • Put the Bird in the Holder. Cover the bird with a towel, taking consideration to cover the head, keep the wings got into the body, and stay away from the claws. Delicately put the bird in the case or case and close it up right away.
  • Transport the Bird. If you have the chance, you can bring the bird to the nearest animal or bird sanctuary. You should have a rehabilitation center near you that helps birds of rare species, which have been harmed or injured.

How To Attract The Different Types Of Hawks In Virginia To Your Backyard

Most people don’t want any raptors in their backyards for the reason that they eat smaller animals. Raptors eat small chickens and rabbits. Sometimes, they get food on the feeder and attack smaller animals when they starve.

But while it can be upsetting to see a raptor eating goldfinch and cardinal, and other favorite species in the backyard, their existence is important to us. Raptors eat snakes, large insects, and a variety of rodents.

They also eat rats and squirrels. If you want to attract hawks in your backyard, you can prepare some of the following food.

  • Cooked meats
  • Foods with a “Use By” label
  • Cooked food of any sorts
  • Desserts
  • Anything cold or spicy
  • Cat food or dog food
  • Big fruits

Now that you know the different types of hawks in Virginia, you can easily identify each of them when you see them. Did you know that hawks also exist in many other countries like Massachusetts? You can check more information here. From now on, you can make this article a handy guide whenever you see some hawks flying above.

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