Birds have always fascinated humans, and for many generations the mystery of how they fly in flocks has been a topic on the minds of scientists. While it is believed that birds use their wings to generate lift from taking off from the ground, there are some theories claiming that instead they might be able to “feel” or even see one another through vibrations created by wing beats.,

The “who leads a flock of birds” are the leaders in their group. They have to be able to fly higher and faster than the rest of the birds, so they can keep up with them. The leader is usually a bird that has been around for awhile or one who has learned how to lead from its parents.

How do birds fly without hitting each other?

A: Birds are able to fly in a group without hitting each other because they have an instinctive sense of where the air is and how it moves. They also have a keen sense of balance that allows them to maintain their position in the flock.

How do flocks of birds stay together?

A: Flocks of birds stay together because they are able to sense one anothers movements. Birds can also use their wings as a type of radar, which allows them to detect the movement of other birds and adjust their own flight accordingly.

Do birds ever run into each other?

A: Yes, birds sometimes run into each other. Birds are very intelligent and can often avoid running into each other, but when they do happen to collide, it is usually because one bird was flying too low.

Why do pigeon flocks fly in circles?

A: Pigeons fly in circles because they have a very strong homing instinct. This is due to their natural tendency to return home to roost at night and the fact that they are often raised by humans who provide them with food and shelter.

Why do sparrows fly crazy?

A: Sparrows are not known for their intelligence, but they do have a tendency to fly in circles. This is due to the fact that sparrows are territorial and will fight anything that enters their territory.

How do starlings not collide?

A: Starlings are able to fly in the air without colliding with each other because they have a very high wing-to-body ratio. This means that their wings are much larger than their bodies, and they can use this to glide through the air.

Why do birds fly so fast?

A: Birds fly because they are able to generate lift and thrust with their wings. They flap their wings quickly, which creates a low-pressure area on top of the wing that draws in air from below. This creates an upward force on the wing, which is then used to propel the bird upwards.

How do birds fly so close together?

A: Birds fly in a V-shape formation. They are able to do this because they have a large surface area and feathers, which create lift. This allows them to stay close together without having to flap their wings too much.

Birds fly in flocks to form a murmuration of birds. This is called a murmuration, and it’s one of the most beautiful natural phenomena that you can see in the sky.

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