On the hunt for a birds native to Wisconsin feature? If yes, then you’re going to love this article about birds in the Badger State!

It isn’t exactly an easy task to number down which birds are most common, largest, or smallest in Wisconsin. You see, Wisconsin is a pretty large state, and there are over 400 species of birds to be found there. 

Yet, if you are an avid bird watcher and want to get a good idea about the birds native to Wisconsin, you have only to read on. In the article, you will find interesting facts about the large birds in Wisconsin, the most common birds, as well as some of the striking yellow and blackbirds that can be sighted in Wisconsin.

What Are The Largest Birds Native To Wisconsin?

If you happen to be a bird lover and enjoy bird watching, you will never be disappointed in Wisconsin. You see, Wisconsin is home to many large birds, and they range from crane to eagle. So, without further ado, let’s get right to which birds are indeed a sight to behold with their massive wingspans and unique features.

1. Sandhill Crane

The sandhill crane, with a weight from eight to eleven pounds and a wingspan of six-seven feet, is considered one of the large birds in Wisconsin. These spectacular birds are usually born in mid-May in Wisconsin, but they do migrate in winters. And, you will find these birds in abundance in the Wisconsin marshes.

2. Great Blue Heron

 black and yellow birds in wisconsin

Much the same as the sandhill crane, in size and coloring, the great blue heron is a wading bird often found in open waters and the wetlands of Wisconsin. With its subtle blue-gray plumage, the great blue heron stands 3.75 to 4.5 inches tall and weighs anywhere from four to eight pounds.

3. The Bald Eagle

Occupying more than two-thirds of Wisconsin, the bald eagle is not difficult to find in the state of Wisconsin. Wisconsin happens to be right smack in the middle of bald eagle country. These majestic birds are easy to spot, even more so during the winter when there aren’t many frozen lakes, ample fish, and better visibility

What Are The Most Common Birds In Wisconsin

Now that you have a good idea about the giant winged creatures you will find in Wisconsin, let’s get to some of the most common birds in Wisconsin. Because the list of birds native to Wisconsin ranges in the hundreds, we’ve selected a few birds that you can view simply by looking from your backyard.

1. American Robin

The State bird of Wisconsin, the American robin, is really to spot in many counties of Wisconsin. It is undoubtedly a striking looking bird with its rusty red breast and dark head and back. However, the male American robin has a more exuberant plumage than the female robin. These thrushes are the most familiar in Wisconsin and seem to be very comfortable around people.

And, if you really want one to frequent your backyard, then don’t bother with the bird feeder as these pretty little things don’t hog on seeds. Their diet consists of invertebrates such as worms and snails. And once in a while, you’ll find them munch on some fruit. Another fascinating fact about the American robin is that they lay gorgeous blue eggs that somewhat resemble gems.

 common birds in wisconsin

2. Downy Woodpecker

Downy woodpeckers are small with short bills and black and white plumage. Only the male downy woodpeckers have a distinctive red spot on the back of their heads. Now, these birds love seeds, so you’ll have little trouble luring them to your backyard.

3. House Sparrow

The House Sparrow is an invasive species and originally came from the Middle East. Yet, these birds are now found in large numbers in Wisconsin. The male House Sparrow has a gray crown, black bib, and white cheeks.

There are shades of chestnut along the sides of their faces and neck. And, the females have a dull brown with streaks of black on their backs. You can easily distinguish the female House Sparrow with the tan line that stretches behind their eyes.

These birds are not entirely native to Wisconsin but have been here long enough and are in abundance to become natives. Moreover, these flighted birds compete with native birds such as the bluebird for nest cavities. But, they seem to be winning the battle. 

3. Red-winged Blackbird

The red-winged blackbird is a reasonably accurate description of the male red-winged blackbird as these birds are entirely black except for a spot of red and yellow on the wings. The females are heavily streaked and brown, and there is just a dash of yellow coloring close to the female’s bill. 

The red-winged blackbird is a flock bird that frequents farm fields, grasslands, and pastures with other blackbird species such as the grackles and cowbirds.

4. Blue Jay

The blue jay is undoubtedly a compelling sight with beautiful blue feathers and black bars throughout and a white underbelly. Now, it is difficult to tell the difference between males and females as both have similar coloring. 

And, these lovely creatures are famed for being quite noisy and clever too. You see, the blue jays of Wisconsin are one of the few birds that can crack open a peanut to access the nut inside.

Yellow And Black Birds Found In Wisconsin

You can be sure to have a productive day if you go out bird gazing in Wisconsin, as even some of the native birds, such as the scarlet tanager, are stunning. But, if you’re looking for black and yellow birds in Wisconsin, then look no further than the American Goldfinch. 

In summers, the male has a vibrant yellow and black plumage. In contrast, the female goldfinch has a duller yellow color and lacks the black cap that the male goldfinch has. Yet, in winter, both turn a shade of brown, olive color. 

These gorgeous little birds are strict vegetarians. Hence, they breed later than other birds. And, due to their diet of only seeds, it does become easier to lure these beauties to your backyard.

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It becomes challenging when you have to pick out a select few from a list of hundreds. Hopefully, you’ll find that the article does indeed introduce you to the native birds of Wisconsin. And, that you’ll have found out about not just the most beautiful, but the most common birds too that you will be able to view without much effort from your side.

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