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Bird watching can be enjoyable when you observe birds of all colors and sizes flying about, taking care of their meals, and looking after their young. Among these beautiful little fellows, some of the most common birds are those with redheads and brown bodies.

These birds add color to the sky and signify a beautiful and independent part of nature. That is why we have created a list of birds with red heads to add to the knowledge of our fellow avian enthusiasts.

Nature’s Little Brown Bird with Red Head – The Most Popular Candidates

Many different birds have rusty brown bodies and vibrant redheads. Some of these birds with redheads are more commonly found than others. This list will walk you through some of the most beautiful red-headed bird species you will find in your garden.

1. House Finch

The House Finch is a little brown bird with a redhead and a long tail. House finch, also called the red-headed sparrow, is one of the most common brown birds with a redhead. There are many different kinds of finches, amongst which the finch with a redhead is the most common.

It is a small grayish-brown bird with a redhead, chest, and rump. However, this red color is a quality of the male House Finch, not found in the females. House Finches have a long brown tail that is streaked with grey. The red color in a male comes from his diet that consists of cherries and other fruits. With the passage of seasons, the intensity of the red color changes and can become pale or bright.

These birds usually stay where they are while others migrate south. They breed and reside in urban and open areas, including parks, backyards, farms, and forests. Finches mostly travel in groups and tend to be very noisy. Their call is loud and scratchy and can be identified easily. House Finches like eating flower seeds, grains, fruits, cherries, and weed seeds. They frequently visit birdfeeders in residential backyards.

bird with red head

2. Northern Cardinal

The female Northern Cardinal is another brown bird with a redhead. The male, on the other hand, is entirely red. The female is a small, plump brown-colored bird with red highlights on its head, wings, and tail. They also have a red conical bill that sets them apart from most birds. A Northern Cardinal is small in size, but it is bigger than a sparrow. It is a songbird with a fairly large tail.

A northern Cardinal is found in low shrubs and trees. They aggressively defend their territory, which is why they often end up attacking their reflection in the water. You can frequently find Northern Cardinals in parks, lawns, forests, and shrubberies. Finally, they might sometimes be found near birdfeeders as well. Their nests are made of a dense network of vines and shrubs. You might sometimes find them in pairs.\

3. Purple Finch

An adult male purple finch has a small brown body and tail with a redhead. It looks similar to a house finch, but it has a purple shade in its reddish top. The red color extends to their chests too. They breed in coniferous and mixed forest areas in the north and sometimes in woody areas. Their food comes from the ground mainly. It includes seeds, insects, grains, and berries.

Purple Finches also like sunflower seeds and thistle, which can be used to lure them into your birdfeeders. Since the purple finch is also a songbird, its song is similar to a finch’s. However, it is more pleasant and is not scratchy like a house finch song. The pace of a Purple Finch’s song differs from region to region.

4. European Goldfinch

The European Goldfinch originates from Europe, hence the name. It is a small, brown bird with a patch of red on its head. It also has yellow and black stripes on its lower abdomen, making it a colorful species. European Goldfinches are usually found in forests, fields, gardens, and suburban areas. European goldfinches are highly energetic and social birds.

Goldfinches require a lot of moving around and flying to stay healthy. They also prefer to stay in the company of other similar birds, preferably finches. This species includes peaceful birds and does not pick fights with other birds. They travel in flocks in winter and autumn and might visit birdfeeders for seeds. Their call is a bubbly, energetic tune and is pleasant to listen to.

European Goldfinches have a diverse diet, including fruits, berries, grains, insects, and seeds. They can also eat vegetables like broccoli or lettuce.

 ittle brown bird with red head

5. Common Redpolls

Another brown bird with a redhead is the Common Redpoll. These birds have small brown bodies with streaking, a yellow bill, and a redhead.

Interestingly enough, it’s the streaking on the underside determines the gender of the bird. The male also has a red chest, whereas the female has a white and brown chest. Common redpolls are northern birds that frequent woodlands, especially near birch trees.

Their diet consists of seeds and insects. They mainly eat seeds; however, they may eat insects in summers. Their song is dry and metallic and sounds like a zap. These redpolls often travel in flocks of thousands, and their motion is energetic and fast. They swiftly scoop up seeds from fields and forests and fly away with their group. They only visit birdfeeders in winters.


Our brown bird with redhead list is at its end, and we can only hope you liked reading the article as much as we enjoyed writing it.

There are many birds with redheads and brown bodies. However, only a few have both qualities, which is why it is easier to identify and figure out the particular bird species when you recognize these two features. Although, the one thing you should note is that our list includes birds that are common to the United States. If you’re big on attracting any of these species to your backyard – the key is filling your birdfeeder with thistle or sunflower seeds.

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