Thinking about investing in a solar-powered bird bath mister? Read our info article for the lowdown on all its advantages.

Technology marches on, and we enter a world where humanity has reigned in the sun to give us energy. The brilliant utilization of solar power has made a marked reduction in electricity usage while opting for an eco-friendly route.

People who aim to bring birds to their backyards can use an array of gadgets to draw them in. Using clean energy to power these gadgets reduces costs for you AND makes the birds happy with their fancy toys. It’s a win-win deal! Without further ado, let’s look at the devices you can install for your winged visitors.

Solar Powered Bird bath Mister

Not all birds are partial to swimming! Some of the more petite visitors to your backyard would appreciate a drip-or-mist attachment to your regular birdbath. It is a pipe-like device that can drip water in steady drops so a small fellow like a chickadee or titmouse can perch on top and drink its fill. It also has the option of spraying mist so the drinker can enjoy a shower. 

Hummingbirds and cardinals are famous fans of this feature. Many little birds that rub themselves against wet plants to clean up are inclined towards mist showers. The spray wets the leaves of nearby trees and shrubs so they can quench their thirst by sipping from them and ‘bathe’ on the soaked leaves. Make sure you position your mister near foliage that will catch the spray to get the best effect. 

After drinking sticky nectar, hummingbirds need to look for rain, dew, or a water source to wash their bills. A mister is quite useful for fulfilling this purpose. A solar-powered bird bath mister will be able to operate at little cost to you, and you will get to savor a wildlife show at the price of renewable energy.

A great thing about misters is that they are a noisy water source, so they are sure to attract any hot or thirsty birdies to your backyard. Little birds are seen to play in the mist by darting in and out of the spray and fluffing their feathers. You can fit garden hoses and sprinklers to perform similar functions, but you must be careful that the water spray is not too strong for them.

Solar Powered Bird bath

During the scorching heat, the local birds are sure to be on the lookout for a splash of cool water. Installing a solar-powered birdbath means you get to make the most of the blazing sun and protect your little friends from it. 

A solar-powered bird device functions by setting a solar panel inside the basin or next to it to supply the device with direct energy. It also has the upper hand over electrical variants due to operating without wiring or needing to be near an energy outlet.

Birdbaths can be as simple as placing a deep dish filled with water in your backyard. However, there are remarkable designs and features available in the market now. Just as you wouldn’t want to bathe in dirty water, your avian friends would not either. 

A solar-powered bath will ensure that the water circulates and remains cool and clean, rather than smelly from being stagnant. Housepets and predatory birds would keep an eye on the birdbath in hopes of a tasty snack, so make sure it is positioned high enough that your cat cannot swipe at a bathing birdie. Also, place it away from hedges so predators cannot lurk unseen. 

A fun fact is that birds also don’t appreciate the slimy bottom of a bath basin, just like you hate your feet touching the slippery floor of a swimming pool. To solve this issue, you can place some shingles or gravel inside the basin. 

Some birdbaths have the dual option of solar and electric power, so on the days when the sun is not at its prime, you can simply switch to electricity. If you live in a region with freezing winters, you can help the twittering folk warm up by installing a de-icer that will keep the bathwater at a controlled temperature to prevent it from freezing or turning too cold to enjoy. 

Thermostat-controlled de-icers are the best because they keep the water warm when temperatures drop below a certain level. On a hot day, any passing birds will definitely enjoy the provision of a pool with drinks! These heaters are set to turn off automatically when the water is gone.

Solar Powered Bird bath Bubbler

Who doesn’t love bubble baths? You sure do, and so do our feathery friends! House Finches and Blue Jays find water irresistible. Even if your bird feeder holds little to interest them, they will certainly drop by for a swig or splash from a water source. The trick is to make sure they know you are offering it. A solar-powered bird bath fountain will do the job. The sound of a bubbling fountain is sure to pull in all sorts of birds like a magnet.

Depending on your budget and the size of your yard, you can choose a smaller or multi-tiered fountain. Tinier fellows may want to perch on the edge to sip the water or dive into the shallower tier. That’s why multi-tiered fountains can work for a variety of birds. 

The best fountain is one that’s portable. That way, you can keep it in the open or move it under the shade, depending on the weather. Using solar-powered fountains means you will not need extension cords or any other wiring. You can also use a solar pump to turn a regular birdbath into a bubbler. 

 solar powered bird bath fountain


The fact that we can utilize a free energy source at little cost or damage to the environment is a fantastic way to go green. And it’s also an excellent means of making the world friendlier for fellow humans, flora, and fauna. Solar-powered water gadgets for avifauna can help you attract more avifauna to your backyard. Plus, these devices are cost-effective and eco-friendly – which is always a plus. 

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