Since the arrival of man, there has been a continual effort to find an answer for this question. While some believe that China is home to the largest number of finches in all of Asia, others say it’s not true at all and are more inclined towards Australia with its greater variety.

The “no goldfinches this year 2021” is a blog post that discusses the disappearance of Goldfinches. The author claims that they are no longer around because of climate change.

How do I attract goldfinches to my feeder?

A: You can attract goldfinches by using a feeder with a suet cake. Goldfinches are attracted to the smell of suet cakes, so you should place one in your feeder and leave it there for about three weeks.

Why am I finding dead finches in my yard?

A: It is possible that a finch has died from ingesting some type of poison. You can check the birds crop to see if it has any signs of being poisoned. If there are no signs, you should try to find out what killed the bird and remove it from your yard.


The “Where Are The Finches 2020” is a question that has been asked for many years. It seems as though the house finches migrate, but what about other types of finches? Reference: do house finches migrate.

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