Some birds are so attractive; there’s no forgetting them. If you’re trying to discover what kind of bird is yellow and black – look here!

It’s pretty common for newbie birdwatchers not to remember bird names 100% of the time. After all, there are a lot of species to keep track of.

Other times, non-birders will notice the beauty of a particular species and want to know its name. Whatever the case may be, questions like – what bird is yellow and black – aren’t unexpected.

That’s why we keep a steady watch on internet queries to learn about what the majority of our readers may be curious about next.

This time around, we’re here to shed light on birdies with yellow and black hues. So, if the bird you like has the same color combo – you might want to stick around.

Yellow With Black Wings Vs. Black With Yellow Wings

Alrighty. Before proceeding with our very own bird mystery, let’s talk about why there’s confusion in the first place.
If you’ve been searching for a bird with the phrase ‘yellow and black in color,’ you’re likely to get pages upon pages of results. Yellow and black is an insanely popular color combination in the bird kingdom.
For example, Pine Warblers, American Goldfinches, Evening Grosbeaks, etc., all qualify as yellow and black. If you want to up your avian game, you’re going to have to start being a little more specific.
But, before you race off to your nearest laptop to follow that advice, we’d like to tell you – you don’t have to. Instead, scroll through our list of black and gold birdies and find the one you’re looking for.
black bird with yellow stripe on wing

Popular Yellow And Black Birds

  • American Goldfinch

If you’ve been searching for a bright yellow bird with black wings – there’s no better candidate than the American Goldfinch.

These happy-looking specimens are the state birds of Washington, Iowa, and New Jersey. However, their plumage isn’t snappy all year round because they molt twice a year. So, if you happen to catch a male Goldfinch during the summer or the end of fall – you might mistake them for some other bird.

Female Goldfinches are a duller shade of yellow throughout the year, but you can identify them by the darkish hue of their wings.

  • Pine Siskin

Pine Siskins can be described as sparrows dressed in yellow and black. These birds are common in Maine, New England, and certain parts of Canada.

Pine Siskins don’t mind human populations because they can often be seen visiting bird feeders. However, their natural habitat of choice includes woodlands with pine trees. In winters, Siskins will migrate to warmer locales like Guatemala or Mexico.

Also, if you’re hoping to attract a Pine Siskin to your backyard, it’s best to set up a feeder with seeds. This species tends to avoid snacking on insects and the like.

  • Scott’s Oriole

You can’t describe a Scott’s Oriole as a small yellow bird with black head – because they’re about 23cm in length. Nonetheless, Scott Orioles have black heads, wings, and tails. They even have a yellow base and shoulder patch. So, they’re actually prime nominees for the yellow-black birds’ list.

These birds are at home among the deserts in the American southwest and central parts of Mexico. You’re likely to catch on in action near yuccas because that’s where it searches for insects and nectar for sustenance.

small yellow bird with black head

  • Red-winged Blackbird

Does your search history include the term – black bird with yellow stripe on wing?
If yes, you’ve been searching for a Red-winged Blackbird. We know, there’s not a hint of yellow in that name. But, anyone who’s had the pleasure of viewing these beautiful birds will tell you their wings vividly-bright red and yellow bands. Apart from the little spot of color, these birds are all black.
Red-winged Blackbirds are commonly found near saltwater and freshwater marshes. They also prefer roaming old fields and dry meadows. When winter rolls around, you have better chances of finding these beauties in pastures and crop fields.
  • Yellow-headed Blackbird

The last entry on our list of famous black and yellow birds is the Yellow-headed Blackbird.

The mature males of the species are almost all black, with spots of bright yellow on their heads and breasts. You can also identify them by the white patch on their wings in flight.

Females, on the other hand, are more brown than black. And the yellow patches on their breasts and heads are more of a dull yellow.

Yellow-headed Blackbirds are known to breed around North American marshes in colonies. But, if you happen to spot a nest from far off, don’t venture too close because there’s a good chance a territorial male might rush you off.

bright yellow bird with black wings

What Does It Mean When You See A Yellow Bird?

We’re sure you know that flowers have a symbolic meaning. But, did you also know that bird colors can have spiritual meanings too? Yellow birds, for example, represent joy and happiness. The best part is, birds, in general, are used to signify freedom and liberation of various kinds. This is mainly because, unlike other living things, birds are naturally blessed with the power of flight.

Of course, there’s no way of being 100% sure about such symbolizations. But you can’t deny that watching birds take flight or flit around from flower to flower isn’t uplifting. Even if you’re not a fan of symbolism, watching a yellow and black bird in your vicinity might bring you joy. After all, humans have a great capacity to appreciate nature in all its beautiful forms.


Considering the number of black and yellow birds worldwide – we didn’t really have time to do all species justice in this piece. However, the birds mentioned in this article are pretty popular – which means there’s a bigger chance you’ll find the species you’ve been searching for. Be it a Goldfinch, Pine Siskin, or a luxurious-looking Blackbird, don’t forget to comment and let us know whether your quest for a yellow and bird was successful. We’ll be back next time with more bird-related info.

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