Keeping a pigeon as a pet is not for the faint of heart. It can be hard to know whether your bird might lay eggs and this could cause problems in your home or yard if you don’t catch it early enough.

Pigeon egg laying behavior can be a tricky thing. To learn more about how to tell if a pigeon is about to lay eggs, you should watch the bird’s behavior for 2-3 days.

Why do pigeons not sit on eggs?

A: Pigeons are not the only animals that lay eggs. Some birds, like chickens, do not sit on their eggs at all. Other birds, like ducks and geese, will sit on their eggs for a few days before they hatch.

How do pigeons mate?

A: Pigeons mate through a process called cloacal copulation, which is when the male and female pigeons engage in mating. The male pigeon will mount the female, who will then open her cloaca to allow him access to her reproductive tract.


A pigeon can lay anywhere from one to eight eggs in a lifetime, with the average being around four. Pigeons usually lay their eggs between March and June. Reference: how many eggs can a pigeon lay in a lifetime.

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