I’m sure you’ve noticed the chimney swifts have a penchant for hanging out around your porch. These industrious birds are always looking for food, and if there isn’t any to be found, they will take yours! Luckily I can help keep these pesky birds away from your walls with my quick-fix advice on how to repel them without utilizing harmful toxic chemicals.

Chimney swifts are birds that nest in chimneys. To keep them away from your porch, spray the area with water to make it slippery.

How do you scare away chimney swifts?

A: Chimney swifts are a type of bird that is commonly found in chimneys. Theyre not dangerous, but they will try to steal your food and other items from the fireplace if you dont scare them away. You can scare them away by banging pots or pans together loudly or by opening doors and windows.

Will wind chimes keep birds away?

A: Wind chimes are a popular way to keep birds away from gardens and other areas. They are usually made of metal or ceramic, which is not very appealing to birds. The sound of the wind chimes can also scare them away.

Why do chimney swifts live in chimneys?

A: Chimney swifts are birds that live in the chimneys of buildings with a lot of smoke. They need to be able to get out quickly when they smell fire, and so they usually live near tall buildings or where there is a lot of smoke.

How can we help chimney swifts?

A: Chimney swifts are a type of bird that is in danger of extinction. They need your help! You can help by donating to the Chimney Swift Fund, which helps chimney swifts and other birds of prey like hawks and eagles.

Why are chimney swifts protected?

A: Chimney swifts are protected because they are a migratory species. They live in the northern hemisphere and migrate south for the winter, which is why they are often seen in southern states during the winter months.


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