Most people know that woodpeckers love to eat bird seed and suet. But what’s not as commonly known is how they can damage a home or business by pecking on the siding of the house or the roofline, which causes leaks or even collapses it.
To make your outdoor space safe from this pest you need a feeder designed specifically for these birds with no risk of them actually coming inside because its near impossible to do so in most cases.

The “pileated woodpecker feeder plans” is a DIY project that allows you to build your own feeder for the pileated woodpecker. This is a great way to attract these birds, who are endangered in many areas of the country.

How do you make a woodpecker bird feeder?

A: You can make a woodpecker bird feeder by using a small plastic bottle, some wire and a rubber band. The bottle should be cut in half and then the top of the bottle should be removed. Then you will need to take the wire and wrap it around the bottom of the bottle so that it is secured. Finally, you will need to take the rubber band and place it on top of where you have wrapped up your wire.



The “log bird feeder plans” is a project that has been done by many people. It’s a simple, easy to make log feeder for birds.

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