So, what are the most commonly seen hawks in Central Texas? If you live in Texas, you have probably seen some hawks flying above to catch their prey. Or most of them are probably perching on high platforms.

As far as regional hawks’ diversity in Texas goes, the place has an average population of hawks. Currently, there are 3 commonly found hawks in Central Texas, plus five other migratory varieties. If you are trying to figure the types of hawks in Texas, here is a friendly tip: start by knowing the most common species of hawks found in Texas.

3 Hawks In Central Texas

The most commonly seen species of hawks in Central Texas are the following:

  • Red-tailed hawk
  • Red-shouldered hawk
  • Cooper’s hawk

 The red-tailed hawks and the red-shouldered hawk are present all year-round in Central Texas. On the other hand, Cooper’s hawks are present every October through April but they usually disappear in the summer and early fall. Cooper’s hawks often attack smaller birds at the backyard feeders.

Hawks In Central Texas That Are Not In The Hawk Family

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Other common raptors not in the hawk family are the following:

  • Osprey
  • American Kestrel
  • Crested Caracara.

The following are other hawks that you can find in Central Texas:

Northern Harrier – Northern Harriers are grassland hunters. They are only present in a large population during the winter months but you won’t see them during summer.

Swainson’s Hawk – Swainson’s and Broad-winged Hawks are migratory birds. That means they are not originally from Central America. They fly from the north during April and south during September and October. If you see a family of hawks sitting together on the ground in a bare dirt field, what you see are the Swainson’s Hawks. 

Sharp-shinned Hawk – These hawks almost look the same as the Cooper’s Hawks but they are unusual to Central Texas. Hawk identification Texas would reveal that these birds are different from Cooper’s Hawks because they have curved tail tips. The Cooper’s hawks have straight tails.

Zone-tailed Hawk – This type of hawk is medium-sized and is commonly found in warm and dry parts of the USA. It almost has similar characteristics to the turkey vulture. This is why they can also blend into groups of vultures. 

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How Many Hawks In central Texas Are There? 

There are more than 200 species of hawk sand found in the world, however, only 25 of those are living in the United States. Of these numbers, only 14 are found in Texas. Since the number of hawks is getting scarce, note that these birds of prey are protected under Federal Migratory Bird Treaty Act.

That means you cannot simply shoot or harm a hawk even when it feeds on your backyard. In order for you to be able to hunt hawks legally, you need to obtain a special permit. This permit shall only be given under very specific circumstances. 

How To Keep Away Hawks In Central Texas

1. Introduce an Owl Bait

Although hawks are fearsome hunters, they can likewise become prey. Hawks are afraid of owls because they can fight back and hunt their babies. While hawks have sharp eyes, the slightest glimpse of owls can deter them away. Moreover, hawks and owls are territorial. If hawks see that another bird species have occupied the area first, they can look for another area to perch somewhere else.

2. Safeguard your Bird Feeders

To awaken to bird melody in the first part of the day, odds are good that you’ve introduced a bird feeder or two on your property. While this may scare away hawks in Central Texas, note that you may be also depriving songbirds of this food. Consider this as your temporary solution but sooner or later, you would have to replenish your feeders so the songbirds will come back.

3. Drive Away Hawks with Noise Deterrents

Assuming that you’re frantic to sort out some way to frighten off birds of prey from your property, ask yourself: what are hawks scared of?

What’s more, you’ll observe that specific sounds at specific frequencies can do some incredible things to degrade these birds. For clamor to be successful, it should be whimsical, uproarious, and disturbing to birds however not to people and pets.

4. Introduce Perching Spikes on Roosting Regions

Eliminating all potential roosting regions may leave your property looking infertile and shameless. Hawks can perch in higher platforms, including your roosting regions. Putting spikes on them will discourage hawks from perching.

5. Cover Your Animals with Net

Assuming that you’re a patio rancher raising several chickens or quails, you should be frantic to discover how to get birds of prey far from your group.

If you live in an area with high sightings of hawks, you need to protect your animals. Hawks can prey on smaller animals, including kittens and young puppies of smaller breeds. They can also take away your rabbits, chicks, and other smaller pet birds. Hence, do not just leave them out in the open.

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How Can You Help To Protect Hawks?

If you have tried all the tricks to driving away hawks and they still keep coming back, eating your crops and livestock, it is time to call the wildlife control services. It is always important to not take everything into your hands.

The wildlife control service is an agency task to help get rid of animals in the wilds, including birds of prey that are considered endangered. A legitimate wildlife control company abides by state regulation. Oftentimes, these guys would catch hawks and bring them to the sanctuary so they don’t cause any harm to people’s livestock.

At the same time, it is the best way to protect them from becoming extinct. Hawks may be giving our hell as of the moment, but you don’t want to eradicate them. Hawks are a crucial part of maintaining the balance of the ecosystem. Without them, the number of rodents and pests will surge uncontrollably.

There are also various government agencies that promote protection for hawks in Central Texas. The key is to get in touch with legitimate authority.

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