What Is The Difference Between A Bluebird and A Blue Jay?

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What is the difference between a bluebird and a blue jay? It’s no surprise that you are confused regarding this two. With similar names and similar colors, these two birds are easily mistaken to be the same.

The bluebird and the blue jay are two different species of bird. Today on the blog, we are going to tell you the difference between a bluebird and a blue jay.

Blue Bird Vs Blue Jay: What Is The Difference? 

What is your favorite bluebird? When you say bluebird, it refers to a wide variety of birds with a blue feather. Blue jays, on the other hand, refer to a particular type of bird.

A kind of bluebird is the Eastern Bluebird. It is a tiny songbird that is about 7 inches only. It has a blue head, back, and wings. The breast is rusty-range in color and the belly is white. The female eastern bluebird has a more subdued color.

You often see these types of birds in your yard because they will feed on mealworms and suite feeders. During the winter, they feed on berries. The eastern bluebirds can be seen in the United States for the whole year. They sometimes, extend throughout the summer. Conversely, the western bluebirds can be found in the Rocky Mountains and beyond the western side of the USA.

Blue Jays

A lot bigger than Eastern bluebirds, blue jays measure 11 to 12 inches. Like the bluebirds, they have blue backs, yet additionally search for a dim bosom, strong bill, and a peak, or sharp tuft of head feathers. The males and females are almost indistinguishable.

One way to distinguish between bluebirds versus blue jays is by tuning in. The jays spread the word about their essence on the lawn with boisterous screeches.

 It’s they like they want to be discovered and not ignored. Jays anxiously assault bird feeders for sunflower seed and are particularly enamored with peanuts. Even though they are somewhat raucous, it’s nice to put some peanuts out for them. In any case, you will love listening to the sound of the bluebird.

Songs And Sounds

There is no better indication that bluebirds are in your backyard than listening to their low-pitched and warbling song. It features 1 to 3 short notes that are often interspersed with whistles. The entire song can last for 2 seconds.

 The makes without pair typically sing the song from a high perch. Sometimes, they sing as they fly to attract a mate. The females sometimes sing a song when they see predators. The males who have already found a mate sing softer songs during the nesting season.

Bird experts can tell their particular activities through their tones. If you want to learn more about birds, you can check out our previous posts.  

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Behavioral Differences

To tell the difference between bluebirds and blue jays, you need to look at their unique behavioral difference. The former is generally more relaxed. They want to be solitary and alone – hence the reason for perching in pairs in trees and shrubs. This position lets them scan the area for insects using their sharp eyes. 

On the other hand, blue jays are loud. But they are also smart and inquisitive. You will find that blue jays are very protective of their nests and will attack any intruder insight, including domestic pets and humans. A threatened blue jay will raise its crest and make raucous calls as if they are calling for backup.

While the blue jays chase away birds at your feeders so they can get the best morsels, the bluebirds like to fodder on the ground for seeds and insects.  

Difference Between A Bluebird And Blue Jay In Terms Of Habitat

Bluebirds prefer open fields and vast woodlands. You can also find them in urban trails and golf courses. On the other hand, blue jays love being in the forest. The dense trees and lots of greeneries feel more like home to them. Moreover, they can easily adapt and can make their home in urban areas for as long as there are plenty of mature trees. 

Countries, where bluebirds can be found, include Texas, Arizona, and North Dakota. If you spend a vacation or live in Nevada or Kansas, you will most likely encounter bluebirds too. On the other hand, blue jays are more commonly seen in Idaho, Utah, Oregon, Montana, and Washington. So, if you live in Montana and you see a bluebird, then it is probably not the “bluebird” but the blue jay. 

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Difference Between A Bluebird And Blue Jay In Terms Of Nesting Season

The bluebirds and blue jays have endlessly unique settling inclinations. Bluebirds like to settle in pits. They line these with little twigs, pine needles, grass, and other settling materials. They will likewise utilize nesting boxes that you might have in your yard. In case you do offer some boxes for them to settle in, you should leave them. These little birds like to utilize them for cover during the cold weather months.

Then again, blue jays like to settle in trees. They assemble their homes in the forks where branches meet the storage compartment, up to 20 feet over the ground. Both male and female jays cooperate to construct their nests. They use sticks, greenery, bark, and grass. To urge blue jays to settle in your yard, you can erect a perching pole that is no less than 8 inches square. The best way to attract the birds is to place them in the form of a mature evergreen tree.

So have you seen blue hay or a bluebird? Or perhaps, you have caught one and you are not sure which of them is the two. IN any case, you should also learn their diet. 

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Blue Bird’s Diet

  • Mealworms
  • Suit
  • Blue Jays
  • Sunflower seeds
  • Peanuts
  • Corn 
  • Suet

 blue bird vs blue jay

Offer this food on your platform feeder or on feeders that are close to the ground (in the cage if you have caught a bird). This will make either the blue jay or the bluebird healthy and happy. 

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