Have you ever seen pink birds in Louisiana? Now that you’re here it is safe to assume that you have also seen the sudden increase in the number of pink birds in Louisiana. These birds can be seen along canals in New Orleans, which are considered by some as strange encounters because for many years people have not usually had these birds.

But here’s good news. If you have seen pink birds in Louisiana or New Orleans it could be the Cajun Flamingos or Roseate Spoonbill. For so long and at the brink of extinction, Cajun Flamingos come roaring back again. Cajun flamingos are also known as roseate spoonbills.

They usually flock in groups and look darling in their pink wings. They are usually spotted in ponds and canals, searching for their food. Spoonbills stand 3 feet tall with a 4-foot wingspan. While common in many parts of Texas and Florida, some of them have migrated to Louisiana. You can also find them in coastal marshes, lagoons, and other shallow bodies of water.

Fun Facts About Roseate Spoonbill – The Pink Birds In Louisiana

More commonly known as the flamingos in Louisiana, the roseate spoonbill is a beautiful pink that have been sighted in Louisiana. If you have sighted some pink birds in Louisiana, you must be lucky then. Whether you are just passing by or residing in Louisiana, the following are some cool facts you should know about the Roseate Spoonbill.

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How Big are They?

Most spoonbills are 2.5 feet high while their wingspan can spread out 1.5 feet wide.  Bigger varieties can even reach up to 4 feet.

Where does Roseate Spoonbill Leave?

In the United States,  you can find the roseate spoonbill in many parts of southern Florida, Texas, and Louisiana. However, you can also find them in many places in Chile, and Argentina. Throughout the years, these birds have flown in many parts of the continent, generally residing and settling in big like regions and mangroves.

How do Spoonbills Communicate?

Spoonbills utter a low, throaty sound. They are likewise known to call during rearing showcases and when flying.

What do Flamingos in Louisiana Eat and How do They eat?

The roseate spoonbill basically uses its bill to scoop food from shallow waters. Its bill has the same mechanism as a duck while its eating regimen includes tiny invertebrates and pieces of plants.

They feed in the early morning and evening hours in both new and saltwater wetlands. It is accepted the roseate spoonbill accepts its splendid shading from the colors of the shellfish that it eats.

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How Long Do Spoonbills Live?

 Spoonbills can live up to 10 years in the wilds. Due to a lot of factors like predators and certain weather conditions, these birds live shorter in the wilds than when they are being cared for by humans. With human care, spoonbills can live up to 15 years.

How Spoonbills Sleep?

The roseate spoonbill sleeps standing with its head tucked beneath its back. Unlike raptors, spoonbills don’t attach their prey. These birds are usually friendly and sweet. While it is unusual to see them on your feeders, it doesn’t mean you cannot find one.

In any case, you shouldn’t be afraid of spoonbills. These birds are relatively calmer. However, since they are considered to be endangered species, you shouldn’t shoot or hurt them.

Roseate Spoonbill Reproduction and Development

Spoonbills reproduce until their third year. These pink bird species have a unique way of mating and courtship. First, they exchange nest materials, damage, and even clap. The female bird creates deep, well-constructed nest using sticks and twigs they can find in the wild.

Most spoonbills would live in mangroves because the setting gives them more materials to use for their nest. Some birds also do get wood and storks to construct their home. During the hatching season, the female spoonbill can lay up to five eggs. The male and the female birds share in the incubation duties but the eggs don’t hatch until 22-24 days.  

Baby spoonbills mostly have pink skin with a sparse covering of white all over. After a month, the baby birds begin to become independent and clamber through the branches or foliage.

Roseate Spoonbills Vs. Pink Flamingo 

The roseate spoonbills and pink flamingo are two different bird species. Although they almost look the same because of their pink built-up, the major difference is their beak. The spoonbills have spoon-like beaks and they usually gather around ponds and canals.

On the other hand, flamingos have shorter, downward turned beaks. They also have longer legs and are more commonly present in South America, Peru, and Brazil. If you see pink flamingos in zoos, most of these birds are probably imported.

In any case, these birds are given utmost care by professionals. Both the roseate spoonbills and flamingos are social birds. That means they wouldn’t attack if you get close to them. They can easily be domesticated so long as you give them a property diet but take note that you cannot just easily catch one and bring it home.

Spoonbills are protected by authorities being endangered species. Moreover, while they are social birds they are very hard to catch. So you better try your best luck.

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What To Do If I See Pink Birds In Louisiana?

 Seeing pink birds in Louisiana can be fun. When you happen to sight some pink bird species in Louisiana, it is better to leave them alone. These birds could be migrating or simply trying to catch their food. However, birds in this city, especially the endangered ones are protected by the government. 

That means you cannot just catch or domesticate any of them without asking permission from the government. In case you have rescued a Roseate Spoonbill from harm and you have happened to bring it home, you may give it temporary shelter but you need to release it back to the wild once it has healed. 

When making an enclosure of the spoonbills, make sure that they get the best possible living conditions. Allow space for them to engage in their accustomed activities and feed them with a proper diet.  

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