With the increased popularity of bird feeders, people are looking for tips and tricks to keep these birds safe. One way is with a hummingbird deterrent system. These systems use sound waves that can be heard by all animals but not humans, so it’s okay if you’re inside your house!

To protect your bird feeders from hawks, you should make sure that the feeder is not too close to any trees. You should also place a barrier between the feeder and the ground.

How do you keep hawks away from bird feeders?

A: There are many different ways to keep hawks away from bird feeders. One way is to put up a fence around the bird feeder, which will prevent hawks from getting too close. Another way is to put up a scarecrow near the bird feeder that looks like a hawk, which will make it seem as if there is something dangerous nearby and thus scare off any hawks that might be interested in stealing the food.

How do I protect my bird feeders from predators?

A: You can use a variety of methods to protect your bird feeders from predators. One way is to place the feeder in an area that is difficult for predators to reach, such as on a high pole or on top of your fence. Another option is to use a mesh netting over the top of the feeder, which will keep birds safe while still allowing them access to food.

Do bird feeders attract birds of prey?

A: Yes, bird feeders do attract birds of prey. Birds of prey are predators that hunt for their food in the wild. They will eat anything they can find and often times, this includes other animals that live near the feeder.

How do I keep sparrow hawks away from my bird feeder?

A: Sparrow hawks are birds of prey and will eat your bird feeder. The best way to keep sparrow hawks away is to put up a fence around the area where the bird feeder is located, or use a net to cover the bird feeder.

How do I stop Sparrowhawks killing my garden birds?

A: Sparrowhawks are a type of bird that have been known to kill garden birds, they are often seen in urban areas. There is no way to stop them from killing your garden birds unless you move away from the city and into a more rural area.


Birds are a common sight in the wild and often make their homes near humans. In order to protect your bird feeders from hawks, you need to use some methods of protection. First, you should try using a wire mesh feeder that is at least 5 feet off the ground. Next, you can also add a layer of chicken wire on top of the mesh feeder. A final option would be to use a bucket with a lid for the bottom half of the feeder. Reference: do hawks eat seeds.

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