How To Attract Barred Owls – 5 Simple Tips To Gain Feathery Friends

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Are you searching for tips on how to attract barred owls? Take five and go through our article for 5 easy tips to gain feathery friends.

Barred owls are pretty common in some areas of the United States. They’re adorable with their big, dark eyes and yellow bills. Nonetheless, their good looks aren’t the only reason they’re coveted as backyard neighbors.

If you’re looking to attract a few Barred Owls to your vicinity – we’ve got some great tips lined up. All you have to do is go through each and pick the ones that are practicable for you. Pretty simple, right? Good, now let’s get on with how attracting Barred Owls works.

5 Easy Tips To Attract Barred Owls To Your Backyard

If you’ve been searching how to attract owls to your yard on Google – this section’s for you. 

Thankfully, attracting a Barred Owl’s interest doesn’t involve rocket science. All you need to do is carefully scan your outdoor space and add elements that make it more inviting to the said owls. 

Also, remember that Barred Owls can get pretty territorial once they’ve established a nest. They’re not above attacking unwary folks or animals that stray too close to their roosting spots. So, before doing anything else, make sure you pick a location that’s nice and secluded to give the owls their space and to keep you and your loved ones safe from unforeseen mishaps.

1. Set Up The Sanctuary

We’ve already mentioned how Barred Owls prefer dense forests with old trees and sizable trunks to take shelter in during daylight. So, if you’re trying to attract owls but have no trees nearby – things are going to get difficult. 

Barred Owls don’t mind the tree type (be it deciduous or coniferous) as long as they’re large enough to accommodate them. You can try and place Barred Owl houses (aka nest boxes) to try and tempt the birds. However, natural shelter options seem to work best. 

2. Food Source For Barred Owls

Barred Owls will roost in forests that offer plenty of choice in terms of prey. They particularly like voles, mice, gophers, and other small rodents – meaning they are skilled hunters. 

That’s precisely why setting up a bird feeding station won’t do much in terms of making your yard more inviting. However, here’s what you can do. Don’t mow the grass in your backyard and let it grow out. Throw in a brush pile or two to create the right atmosphere. And, most importantly, leave some grub (like seeds) for the Rodentia around. 

Once the scene is set, and mice and other rodents regularly frequent your yard – you’ll have Barred Owls circling the yard naturally. 

On the flip side, if the reason you want to make friends with Barred Owls is that your yard is home to rodents anyways – move on to the other tips for pointers. 

how to attract owls to your yard

3. Don’t Forget The Water Source

Remember how Barred Owls pick a forest that has a water source nearby? Well, if you’re trying to grab a Barred Owl’s attention, you’re going to have to arrange for a water source – if there isn’t one at hand. 

While owls aren’t big on drinking too much water or bathing in birdbaths regularly, they will search out water sources to cool off when the temperatures skyrocket. So, if summer’s around the corner and reports predict a scorcher – set up a deep birdbath in a secluded and relatively peaceful area for the Barred Owls to enjoy. 

4. Limit The Presence Of Pets Outdoors

Cats love hunting small prey like owls. Dogs, on the other hand, just like chasing squirrels and other small creatures around. Both pet types can end up disturbing the prey population and put off the Barred Owls from your outdoor space. 

But, here’s the good news. You don’t have to place a permanent embargo on your pets from frolicking outdoors. Instead, keep the pet population indoors and away from the site you’ve set up to attract the owls. That way, when the owls come out to hunt at dusk – the coast is going to be clear.

Also, Barred Owls have been known to attack and, in some instances, kill pets. For example, cats and small-sized canines are at particular risk because they just look like food to the Barred Owls from up top. So, keeping pets indoors when it’s time for the owls to come out and hunt is necessary for their safety.

5. Avoid Setting Up Artificial Lighting

Here’s the thing. If your backyard is luminous with different types of lighting arrangements – that’s not going to make for a very conducive hunting ground. 

Plus, owls are nocturnal hunters – which means they’re well equipped to go hunting in the pitch black. Putting up bright lights near the area you’ve set up for the owls may interfere with their hunting abilities. 

Why Do People Want To Invite Barred Owls Anyways?

Barred Owls prefer to live in dense forests with tall trees and nearby water sources, such as a river. More often than not, these birds of prey will populate mature woodlands because of game diversity and dead trees with large cavities that make for perfect nesting places.

That’s why it’s not immediately obvious why people would seek to invite an owl species that seem to mind its own business. However, it may surprise you to learn Barred Owls can make short work of getting rid of most types of meddlesome creatures like mice, reptiles, and amphibians.

Additionally, they’re pretty popular among bird-watchers and enthusiasts for their beauty. Plus, the distinctive hooting of Barred Owls does tend to add to the ambiance.

 barred owl houses


Barred Owls are majestic birds in their own right. But, what people will often overlook is that these birds are used to natural habitats. Attracting Barred Owls to your vicinity isn’t improper in itself, but it does come with a set of responsibilities.

If you’re successful in trying to get a Barred Owl to roost near your yard, that means you’re going to have to maintain the living standards (as it were) until the owls decide otherwise.

It’s also a good idea to inform other members of the family or folks living around the area of your intentions to ensure everyone’s up to date and don’t stray too close to the owl’s nest.

Besides that, we’re hoping your quest of how to attract Barred Owls comes to fruition and that you and your feathery friends coexist in peace and harmony.

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