How often do parrots lay eggs? Egg-laying is a foreign concept to us mammals, so parrot owners need to research to understand their pets!

Parrots might seem like an easy pet to take care of, but there are idiosyncrasies that you might not be aware of once you get into the role of a pet bird owner! In this article, we discuss egg-laying and how often this happens.

What do you need to know about parrot egg-laying? Read on to find out more about this topic!

What Are Parrots?

Parrots are birds of the genera Psittaciformes, which is composed of a whopping 398 species. They are commonly found in the jungles of tropical countries.

The most common parrots that are kept as pets are tropical parrots from Africa and South America, parakeets, rosellas, cockatiels, cockatoos, and macaws.

Parrots have become popular pets, not just because of their beautiful appearance. They are also highly intelligent creatures who are curious and love to spend time with humans. Parrots are known to remember people and show affection.

It’s no wonder that many people have taken a liking to have a parrot as a companion!

 how many eggs do parrots lay

Parrot Breeding And Nesting Facts

Pet birds – especially parrots – are not usually sexed due to the fact that owners are typically not breeders. Sexual dimorphism or the difference in the appearance of males and females is not applicable to certain species of parrots, so it can be tough to tell at first glance.

On the off-chance, many parrot owners find out they have a female bird when they see random egg-laying at certain seasons!

What Are The Signs That A Parrot Will Lay Eggs?

If you keep a pair of adult parrots of different sexes as pets, nature will take its due course, and you may be witness to a happy parrot family forming!

Look out for these signs that your parrot may start to lay eggs:

  • A heftier body and noticeable weight gain
  • A habitual need to shred papers and gather materials in order to make a nest.
  • A higher amount of water is being consumed in order to replace the hydration needed by the egg-laying process

How Often Do Parrots Lay Eggs?

Birds, which include parrots, typically lay eggs once a year during the spring season. The number of clutches or broods they have during this season also varies.

The process of laying eggs is very taxing to the bird’s body, so this has to be understood by pet owners. Issues such as egg binding come about because captive birds do not have the same experience and environment as birds in the wild.

 how many times a year do parrots lay eggs

Do Female Parrots Lay Eggs Without A Mate?

Yes, egg-laying can happen even without a mate. However, they will be unfertilized.

This phenomenon occurs when the body of the bird is stimulated to produce eggs. A lot of factors contribute to this. The following are some of the factors that may push the female to lay unfertilized eggs:

  • Natural hormones produced, dependent on the seasons
  • Exposure to daylight and warm temperatures
  • Interaction with other birds and hearing their bird calls
  • Interaction with humans like petting and stroking
  • Presence of available nesting materials

While the effect of each one varies on the breeding signals of the parrot, the presence of these factors altogether may push the body to create eggs – even without a mate.

How Do You Stop A Parrot From Laying Eggs?

Unfortunately, while this could naturally happen, it is still a strenuous process on the body. Such an unnecessary use of nutrients and energy will have a negative effect on the health of your parrot, that’s why it’s best to prevent them from laying eggs in the first place.

 how often do parrots lay eggs

Chronic egg-laying is when your pet bird seems to lay eggs within a few weeks and months. This may also be accompanied by signs of distress and declining health in your pet bird.

The things you can do to help alleviate the egg-laying are as follows:

  • Move your parrot’s cage away from sunlight and warm temperatures
  • Avoid physically touching your bird (petting, stroking)
  • Provide a balanced, healthy diet that will replenish their lost nutrients
  • In extreme cases, consult a veterinarian about possible hormone therapy

What Do You Do With Unfertilized Eggs?

If it has happened to you, you might wonder what to do with unfertilized eggs. While it might seem like a cruel thing to do, you should dispose of them properly.

Your parrot may have even already attempted to crack them open to see if there is a baby parrot inside. However, since the eggs are unfertilized, there was never going to be a possibility of life blooming within one of these eggs.

It’s a good idea to leave the unfertilized eggs in the cage for a while, This is because if you remove them immediately, the parrot’s body may have the impulse to produce more to replace what has been lost.

Since eggs are susceptible to rot, you need to take them out after some time has passed.

 parrot from laying eggs


How often do parrots lay eggs? In nature, they should lay eggs once every year, However, pet parrots can lay eggs very often,  if the conditions are correct – and that isn’t always a healthy thing.

While it seems simple from the outside, there is a lot going on when it comes to parrots laying eggs. This process is tough on parrot’s bodies, so it’s best to avoid this possibility when you are not interested in having even more pet birds!

Do you own a pet bird? How did you deal with the unproductive egg laying? Let us know about your parrot tales in the comments below!

How many times a year do parrots lay eggs?

A parrot normally should lay eggs during the spring season. However, they can lay unfertilized eggs due to a number of internal and external factors.

How many eggs do parrots lay?

In the wild, parrots are observed to lay about one to four eggs in one clutch or brood.
In captivity, pet parrots are observed to lay about three to six eggs in one clutch.

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