Learn all about the most interesting bird omens and superstitions.

For thousands of thousands of years, people have been interpreting the world around them. Every creature, thing, and the phenomenon was used as an omen and/or a sign. Among the multitude of these symbols, birds were considered to be one of the most important omens. The symbolism, depending on the bird species and the situation as well, was usually negative or positive. However, in most cultures, they have meant something unique.

Keep reading as this article will cover some of the most important and widespread bird omens and superstitions.

Bird Omens And Superstitions About Bad Luck

Crows In A Churchyard

Bird omens and superstitions related to crows are diverse, but most of all interesting. Seeing crows in almost all cases means bad luck unless you see them dead on the road, which will bring you good luck. Crows are in second place, just behind black cats, and have pretty bad symbolism.

Did you know that the ancient Greeks believed that the arrival of a crow at a wedding meant an inevitable divorce? In addition, to test the theory, people were releasing two crows after the wedding ceremony. Accordingly, if the two birds flew away together the marriage would be happy and successful, but if they choose to separate, the newlyweds too would soon be separated.

 What do birds mean spiritually?

Peacock Feathers

This is one of the oldest bird omens and superstitions, according to which bringing peacock feathers into the house brings misfortune not only to the household but also destines any unmarried female to become an old maid.

Did you know that many actors will never allow peacock feathers to be brought on stage, either as a prop or part of a costume? Namely, veteran actors and directors claim that they had the opportunity to see sets falling down during performances that involve peacock feathers.

It is thought the superstition originated in the Mediterranean, where the markings on peacock feathers symbolized the eye of the she-devil Lilith who was believed to be the main one responsible for the unexplained deaths of numerous children.

Bird Omens And Superstitions About Good Luck

Bird Poop

Imagine a situation where you are walking down the street with freshly washed hair and a bird suddenly poops on your head. This would probably result in the worst bad hair day ever, right? However, don’t be upset because this is one of the most common bird omens and superstitions, according to which this event is actually supposed to bring good luck and even wealth.

Furthermore, there isn’t a consensus on the origin of this superstition, it is not out of place to rejoice because what else can you do in this disgusting situation?

 Which bird is a bad omen?


This is one of many sailors ’bird omens and superstitions, and therefore seeing an albatross while at sea is a sign of good luck, while killing one spells doom and despair. Numerous legends claim that these birds have an incredible affinity for ships, all because they contain the souls of drowned sailors, so killing one is similar to killing a fellow sailor.

Anyone who kills even just one of these birds is doomed to bear a tremendous burden. Samuel Taylor Coleridge’s poem entitled “The Rime of the Ancient Mariner” has perfectly illustrated that act. Fortunately, this superstition is not so prevalent these days, but the idiom of hanging an albatross around one’s neck has spread far beyond the world of maritime affairs and represents a heavy burden.

Additional Bird Omens And Superstitions

It is important to emphasize that in a large number of cases it is not even the bird itself, but rather its actions that bring either luck or misfortune. Keep reading to learn more about it.

Gulls: If you see a gull, be happy because it represents traveling and a happy journey.

Swallow: If you notice this beautiful creature in early spring, it is a fortunate sign. Furthermore, if it builds its nest in your eaves hope only for the best, because this bird will bring fortune to everyone who lives in the house.

 Which bird is associated with death?

Dove: This bird is a pure representation of wedded bliss, love, and happiness.

Stork: There is almost no person who believes in bird omens and superstitions and refuses to allow this bird to nest on the roof.

Pigeon: If you notice a white pigeon that flies around your home, be prepared, because it is a warning of an upcoming engagement or marriage for someone in the house.

Woodpecker: It is believed that this beauty has the ability to predict success in your future.

Raven: There are two opinions about ravens, some believe that a raven flying to the right or perched on your right brings good luck. However, since it is a black bird, some people say that it is a bird of ill omens.

In Conclusion

The early man associated birds with the gods; they even believed that these creatures were God’s messengers or in some cases true representations of the gods themselves. There is almost no culture in the world that doesn’t have superstitions that focus on birds, some of these bird omens and superstitions are universal while others are regional. However, one thing is for sure – nobody can agree on whether birds bring good or bad luck.

If you’re familiar with some of these, or better yet, if you’ve heard of some we haven’t listed, write to us in the section below.

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Which Bird Is A Bad Omen?

Raven, Crow, Magpie, Owl, Whip-poor-will, Vulture, and Buzzard are among the birds that are considered to bring bad luck or as they are also called bad omen.

What Do Birds Mean Spiritually?

In short, the spiritual meaning of birds is elevation, enlightenment, hope, and wisdom.

Which Bird Is Associated With Death?

Ravens and crows belong to the group of black birds and are therefore associated with death.

Which Bird Is Considered As A Symbol Of Good Luck?

Robin, Pigeon, Dove, Stork, Hummingbird, Woodpecker, Crane, Duck, Swallow, and Rooster are considered a symbol of good luck.

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