Have you ever wondered how do chickens procreate? Well, you probably don’t know it and for sure many of you are not ware but chickens have a very unique way of procreating offspring.

But first, let us get to know what a chicken is. A chicken is a type of bird albeit it cannot fly as high as the others. A common feature that makes them unique is the comb and two wattles. The comb is the red appendage you can see on top of their heads. Depending on the chicken breed, their combs may appear a little bit different from each other.

 If you live with chickens, you may be wondering about how chickens are born. The first thing you will need to do is check whether the eggs have in fact been fertilized. In fact, you are quite familiar with the saying “which comes first, chicken or egg?”. After confirming that the eggs have been fertilized, you will need to ensure the embryo develops well.

For more information about “how do chickens procreate”, read on and learn some exciting facts about them.

How Do Chickens Procreate With A Rooster?

Chickens – like other birds – lay eggs through sexual reproduction. Contingent upon the variety of chicken, a hen will start laying eggs somewhere in the range of five and seven months old. The recurrence of egg-laying changes between breeds, over various seasons, with shedding and with age However most varieties that are utilized for egg creation will lay an egg each one to two days.

An egg will possibly yield a chick in the event that the hen has mated with a chicken before the egg was shaped. Most creation-situated ranches don’t have a chicken standing around, except if it’s an ideal opportunity to make another clump of egg-laying hens. This implies that practically all eggs in the store are unfertilized.

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How Do Chickens Mate?

A rooster is usually seen in a small flock. But is during spring or summer that they usually mate with the female chicken. When they mate, the male chicken climbs on the back of the hen. Once situated firmly, the rooster dips down his tale to the side of the hen’s tail and delivery his “cloacal kiss.” The mating only takes a few minutes and once he is done with his business, the rooster shakes his feather and wanders away.

But don’t get this wrong. 

If you don’t have other hens, the same rooster can remember the same chicken and mate with her again at any time during the day or even in the next few days.

During this season, your hen will continue to lay eggs one by one. The hen will remember his nest and go back and forth to it until she stops laying eggs. A hen can lay 6-15 eggs depending on the breed. Once the hen is done laying the egg, she will stay on the nest until each one of the hatches. It requires 21 days or more for the eggs to hatch. Unfortunately, unfertilized eggs will remain eggs and no chicks will come out from them regardless of the number of days the chicken lay on them.

How Do Chickens Procreate Without a Rooster?

So how do chickens reproduce with a rooster? Can they create eggs even without mating? The quick answer is yes. Hens can still lay eggs even without a “cloacal kiss” with another chicken. However, without a rooster chicken, your hens’ eggs are barren, so will not form into chicks. Assuming you really do have a chicken, eggs should be gathered every day and kept in a cool spot prior to being utilized with the goal that they will not form into chicks.

That means, if you leave the egg like this for 12 days, it will rot inside and smell foul. You can’t eat them too because they are already damaged. If you want to cook or fry some eggs, you should with fresh eggs.

Chicken Reproduction And Parts of the Egg

Once an egg is fertilized, the embryo will begin to develop. Many countries are accustomed to eating eggs with embryos. Asian countries for example, even eat eggs that are already 21 days old. It’s one of the most exotic foods in Asian countries. In any case, the following are the parts of the egg.

  • Shell: this is the hardcover that envelopes the embryo, which primary purpose is to protect its content.
  • Albumin: This is the transparent part of the eggs, just before you can reach the yellow yolk. It is the main source of food, consisting mostly of protein.
  • Vitelo: This is another term for the yolk and is the part responsible for feeding the chick.
  • Amniotic fluid: Like other living creatures, the egg has an amniotic fluid that protects the embryo and allows it to move.
  • Chamber or air cell: This part of the egg protects the embryo from catching bacteria that are trying to invade it.

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What Happens When The Eggs Hatch? 

If the hen has successfully laid on her eggs for 21 days, the eggs will gradually start to crack open and release cute little chicks. After the first break, carbon dioxide levels increment, which capacities as a boost for the chick to begin breathing through its lungs. Likewise, by breaking the air chamber, the chick can start to slash at it.

Around 24 hours after lung breathing starts, the chick starts to incubate and trill. The eggshell then, at that point, opens clockwise. This interaction can take from 10 to 20 hours.

Take note that not all eggs open eventually. Some of the eggs will remain unhatched after 21 days. The mother hen will do its best to lay on them so they can hatch. However, when it takes too long already, they will stop. These eggs will no longer be hatched because either the chick has died inside or it has never been fertilized at all.

For the unhatched eggs, you would not have any other choice but to throw them away. Have we answered your question “how do chickens procreate?”. In any case, you can always use this blog handy as a resource.

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