Learn how to scare hawks away from your chickens by using these simple tips and tricks.

Today, chicken coop owners face a number of challenges, most notably different species of predators, of which the aerial ones are often the most challenging. The hawks are birds of predators, known for their strong hunting instinct. They are so brave that they hunt during the day when chickens run around in search of seeds, insects, and worms. They usually sit on tall trees and lurk prey, while your chickens don’t even know they are there until it swoops down to strike.

If you are one of the unfortunates who are tired of constantly counting and protecting your flock, stay with us and find how to scare hawks away from your chickens

When And How Do Hawks Attack?

Hawks are daytime predators; however, don’t be fooled as they will take advantage of even the slightest ray of sunlight in the morning or evening to search for prey. They are known for their exceptionally good eyesight, so they can spend time sitting on the branches of tall trees without you or your chickens noticing them.

After spotting the hen they like best, they will very quickly fly down, pinning them to the ground with their talons. Such speed actually results in immediate death in most cases. In addition, chicken owners will often come across hawks that simply grab the chicken and fly away.

Worst of all, blood and feathers don’t remain as evidence, so the owners actually only later realize that they’re missing one chicken. After all, once you face a falcon attack on your property, there’s a good chance he’ll come back later in search of more.

Therefore, if you are wondering how to scare hawks away from your chickens, creativity is the only correct answer. We will now explain to you how to do this.

 do hawks eat chickens

How To Scare Hawks Away From Your Chickens


If you are wondering how to scare hawks away from your chickens, consider adding a rooster to your flock. Namely, males are much more vicious than females and are also much louder.

Did you know that a rooster starts to crow loudly as soon as it sees this evil bird, to warn the rest of the flock of possible danger? Some males even stand in front of chickens to protect the entire roost from hawks. Feel free to consider them the best form of natural protection.

Black Chicken

Aside from roosters, black chicken is a great option. They are nothing bigger or scarier than ordinary chickens, but their characteristic, dark color is what holds back the hawks from the attack. Did you know that crows and hawks are sworn enemies? Due to their color, black hens resemble crows, so hawks, therefore, avoid them.

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If you are wondering how to scare hawks away from your chickens, consider getting a dog. A dog is probably the best hawk deterrent for chickens. Why? Dogs, namely, have a characteristic odor that strongly repels hawks, and in addition, are quite large and loud. These are just some of the features that have a direct impact on the fact that hawks are unlikely to pounce on chickens if they know a dog is in the area.

Furthermore, the best thing you can do is let your dog patrol several times a day, preferably at different times. Hawks are quite intelligent creatures and can follow your pace and schedule very quickly, accordingly, changes are highly recommended.

Common Decoys

One of the most common answers to the question “how to scare hawks away from your chickens” is decoys. Just like a good portion of people, hawks don’t feel comfortable next to new, unfamiliar things and shapes.

Scarecrows are often good deterrents if used appropriately, and accordingly, should be moved frequently so that the hawks do not have a chance to get used to their presence. There is another option, and that is to include other species of predators, such as owls. Hawks and owls are natural enemies and will often come into conflict with each other and thus drive each other away.

Make It Loud & Shiny

Hawks simply don’t like noise, therefore feel free to use various sources of noise, however just as with scarecrows, and remember to switch it up every few days. You can use sounds like wind chimes, radios, etc., as they are certainly proven to be one of the best methods to drive away these birds of prey.

In addition, you can use a variety of lighting objects such as your old CDs. Simply hang them on trees and poles around your chicken trail. When they come in contact with the sun’s rays, these objects will reflect flashes that will repel all nearby hawks.

Short Summary On How To Scare Hawks Away From Your Chickens

Truth be told, these birds of prey have that kind of nature, and it can’t be changed. All you can do is adjust your coop to keep your entire flock safe. Listen to these 5 proven tips, and for better results, cycle through several different methods.

Do you have any simple tips and tricks for how to scare hawks away from your chickens? Tell us more in the comments section below.

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Do Hawks Eat Chickens?

That’s completely true, hawks really eat chickens.

How To Protect Chickens From Hawks?

Here are the best methods to protect chickens from hawk attacks:

- get a guard dog,

- make noise (radio, wind chimes),

- build a canopy,

- make scarecrows,

- hang luminous, reflective objects,

- get black chickens or roosters.

When Do Hawks Hunt Chickens?

Hawks are birds of prey that go hunting during the day. But since there is a strong urge to hunt in them, don’t be surprised if you notice them during the early morning or late evening. On the basis of some research, it has been confirmed that they usually hunt around mid-morning.

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