For centuries, birds have been doing the work of spreading seeds on trees. They eat fruit and excrete it in their droppings to help these plants grow. With many researchers saying berry-eating birds are responsible for more than half of all tree seedlings across the world’s forest canopies, there is a lot at stake if we lose some of these important pollinators.

The “how do birds help plants get to new places” is a question that has been asked many times. Birds can help spread the seeds of berries, but they also help spread other types of plants as well.

Why do birds scatter seeds?

A: Birds scatter their seeds to help them grow. Seeds need sunlight, water, and oxygen to germinate. Birds are able to fly high enough into the sky to scatter their seeds far away from predators and other threats that might eat or destroy them.

How do birds help plant new trees and bushes?

A: Birds help plant new trees and bushes by spreading their seeds. They eat the fruit off of the tree, then poop out the seed in their droppings. The seeds are then carried away from the birds body by wind or water to land on a suitable place for germination.

What are 5 ways seeds can be dispersed?

A: Seeds can be dispersed in a variety of ways, including through the following methods:

1. By planting them in soil and letting them grow into plants
2. By scattering them on the ground, burying them, or placing them in an urn
3. By leaving them at a location where they will be found by animals or other people who may plant and grow the seeds themselves
4. By using a seed dispersal machine to spread seeds over large areas of land

How do birds help to disperse seeds?

A: Birds help to disperse seeds by eating them and excreting the seeds in their droppings. The seeds are then spread out when they land on the ground, which helps to increase the chances of them being found by a new plant.


A study in 2015 found that birds help spread the seeds of berries. Birds eat the fruit and then drop the seeds while they defecate. The plants are able to take advantage of this natural process. Reference: how do animals help in seed dispersal for class 5.

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